This module explains a bit about Mozilla’s history with working open, and introduces Mozilla’s Network.
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Oh Hi, We’re Mozilla

This training was developed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, with help from members of the broader Mozilla Community. You may recognize the name Mozilla– we’re a group of people, organized as a non-profit, public charity– that makes the Firefox web browser. Mozilla’s Firefox is an open source project, which means the source code is freely, publicly available and anyone who would like to can help develop the project. Firefox was created and is sustained by the Mozilla staff and a collaborative community of volunteers, called “contributors.” The open source movement showed that scrappy, self-organized groups of passionate volunteers could collaborate to develop viable alternatives to proprietary software, and even compete against huge corporations! Many practices of “working open”– particularly the use of the web as a collaboration tool– were created, tested, and refined by software developers working on open-source projects like Firefox.

Mozilla And The Firefox Creation Myth, Mark Surman

In addition to developing Firefox and the community of contributors that builds and supports it, Mozilla fights for what we call the “open web.” We’re doing this by championing:

  • Inclusion: an accessible, free Internet for all
  • Privacy: user control of their own data on the web
  • Web literacy*: the ability for everyone to meaningfully
    • Read: navigate the web, and find, evaluate, and synthesize web content
    • Write: code, design, compose, revise and remix content for the web
    • Participate: connect with online communities, share, contribute, maintain control over their own personal data, and work collaboratively with others on the web.

While we are constantly refining our working open practices, we’re excited to share our decades of experience and expertise in this area with you… to help you and your communities create your own amazing projects on the web.

*for more, see Mozilla’s web literacy map.

Meet Mozilla’s Network

To drive our efforts to secure and expand the open web, we coordinate and support a network of leaders. These leaders are people (like you) committed to working open and using the web to build, create, or make positive change– especially around issues of inclusion, privacy, and web literacy. Members of the network are leading projects as diverse as improving civic engagement, creating better educational experiences, building more human technologies, and making scientific research more collaborative and efficient. Here’s a glimpse of some of the awesome people and projects that are part of the network– we hope you’ll join us, too!

The Mozilla Leadership Network, Kaitlin Thaney

As you work through the training– whether you’re using our online interface or taking one of our in-person workshops– there will be lots of opportunities to connect with both Mozilla staff and members of our leadership network.

Assignment: Explore the Network

Browse Network Pulse, a stream of assets news and stories from the Mozilla network and communities, to find projects with a shared vision, audience, or strategy. This exploration will help you get a better sense of Mozilla’s network and the connections you can make within it.

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