Running Tests

Run tests from outside the docker container with make:

make test

Other, more niche, test commands:

make test_failed # rerun the failed tests from the previous run
make test_force_db # run the entire test suite with a new database
make tdd # run the entire test suite, but stop on the first error

Using pytest directly

For advanced users. To run the entire test suite you never need to use pytest directly.

You can connect to the docker container using make shell; then use pytest directly, which allows for finer-grained control of the test suite.

Run your tests like this:


For running subsets of the entire test suite, you can specify which tests run using different methods:

  • pytest -m es_tests to run the tests that are marked as es_tests

  • pytest -k test_no_license to run all the tests that have test_no_license in their name

  • pytest src/olympia/addons/tests/ to run this specific test

For more, see the Pytest usage documentation.