Add-ons Server Documentation

This is the documentation for the use of the addons-server and its services. All documentation is in plain text files using reStructuredText and Sphinx.

To build the documentation, you need the dependencies from requirements/dev.txt. Those are automatically installed together with make update_deps.

If you’re unsure, activate your virtualenv and run:

make update_deps

The documentation is viewable at, and covers development using Add-ons Server, the source code for Add-ons.

Its source location is in the /docs folder.

Note: this project was once called olympia, this documentation often uses that term.

Build the documentation

This is as simple as running:

make docs

This is the same as cd’ing to the docs folder, and running make html from there.

We include a daemon that can watch and regenerate the built HTML when documentation source files change. To use it, go to the docs folder and run:

python 'make html' $(find . -name '*.rst')

Once done, check the result by opening the following file in your browser: