Push From Master

We deploy from the master branch once a week. If you commit something to master that needs additional QA time, be sure to use a waffle feature flag.

Local Branches

Most new code is developed in local one-off branches, usually encompassing one or two patches to fix a bug. Upstream doesn’t care how you do local development, but we don’t want to see a merge commit every time you merge a single patch from a branch. Merge commits make for a noisy history, which is not fun to look at and can make it difficult to cherry-pick hotfixes to a release branch. We do like to see merge commits when you’re committing a set of related patches from a feature branch. The rule of thumb is to rebase and use fast-forward merge for single patches or a branch of unrelated bug fixes, but to use a merge commit if you have multiple commits that form a cohesive unit.

Here are some tips on Using topic branches and interactive rebasing effectively.