Struct fxa_client::Profile

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pub struct Profile {
    pub uid: String,
    pub email: String,
    pub display_name: Option<String>,
    pub avatar: String,
    pub is_default_avatar: bool,
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Information about the user that controls a Firefox Account.

This struct represents details about the user themselves, and would typically be used to customize account-related UI in the browser so that it is personalize for the current user.


§uid: String

The user’s account uid

This is an opaque immutable unique identifier for their account.

§email: String

The user’s current primary email address.

Note that unlike the uid field, the email address may change over time.

§display_name: Option<String>

The user’s preferred textual display name.

§avatar: String

The URL of a profile picture representing the user.

All accounts have a corresponding profile picture. If the user has not provided one then a default image is used.

§is_default_avatar: bool

Whether the avatar URL represents the default avatar image.

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