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Firefox Accounts Client

The fxa-client component lets applications integrate with the Firefox Accounts identity service. The shape of a typical integration would look something like:

  • Out-of-band, register your application with the Firefox Accounts service, providing an OAuth redirect_uri controlled by your application and obtaining an OAuth client_id.

  • On application startup, create a FirefoxAccount object to represent the signed-in state of the application.

  • When the user wants to sign in to your application, direct them through a web-based OAuth flow using begin_oauth_flow or begin_pairing_flow; when they return to your registered redirect_uri, pass the resulting authorization state back to complete_oauth_flow to sign them in.

  • Display information about the signed-in user by using the data from get_profile.

  • Access account-related services on behalf of the user by obtaining OAuth access tokens via get_access_token.

  • If the user opts to sign out of the application, calling disconnect and then discarding any persisted account data.



Type Aliases

  • Result returned by public-facing API functions
  • Result returned by internal functions