Struct glean::private::CounterMetric[][src]

pub struct CounterMetric(_);

Developer-facing API for recording counter metrics.

Instances of this class type are automatically generated by the parsers at build time, allowing developers to record values that were previously registered in the metrics.yaml file.


impl CounterMetric[src]

pub fn new(meta: CommonMetricData) -> Self[src]

The public constructor used by automatically generated metrics.

impl CounterMetric[src]

pub fn add(&self, __arg1: i32)[src]

pub fn test_get_value<'a, S: Into<Option<&'a str>>>(
    __arg1: S
) -> Option<i32>

pub fn test_get_num_recorded_errors<'a, S: Into<Option<&'a str>>>(
    __arg1: ErrorType,
    __arg2: S
) -> i32

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for CounterMetric[src]

impl Counter for CounterMetric[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for CounterMetric[src]

impl Send for CounterMetric[src]

impl Sync for CounterMetric[src]

impl Unpin for CounterMetric[src]

impl UnwindSafe for CounterMetric[src]

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