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Relying Party (RP) API

Warning This API ("Goldilocks") is not fully implemented. Follow Bug 4134 for more information on its progress. parameters )

Configure BrowserID by registering callbacks and setting display options.

Implementation Notes:
  • May only be called once. Subsequent calls must be ignored and should log an error.
  • User input should be treated carefully — siteLogo may be an SVG, which opens an avenue for scripting.
Required Parameters:
onlogin: function (assertion) { … }
Callback. Invoked when a user attempts to sign in. Receives a Backed Identity Assertion as its first argument.
Optional Parameters:
Not Implemented onready: function () { … }
Callback. Invoked when the user agent is ready to handle BrowserID API calls.
Visual Customization (Optional):
Not Implemented siteName: String (Freeform text)
Human-friendly name of the Relying Party.
Not Implemented siteLogo: String (URL, absolute path, or data: URI)
Image that represents the Relying Party.
Not Implemented backgroundColor: String (Hex #rgb or #rrggbb)
Background color for displaying Relying Party information. parameters )

Prompt the user to select an email address and sign into the Relying Party. Upon successful completion, a Backed Identity Assertion is passed to the onlogin callback registered in

Implementation Notes:
  • Must be called in response to direct user action, such as a click.
  • Raises an error if called before has been invoked.
Behavior Customization (Optional):
Not Implemented email: String (Email address)
Skip address selection and attempt to authenticate the user as the given email address.
oncancel: function () { … }
Callback. Invoked if the user closes the login prompt without selecting an address.