Mozilla Open Leaders

Mentorship and Training on Working Open

Join a cohort of project leads fueling the Internet Health movement. Receive mentorship and training through the Mozilla Network in this 12-week online program on working open.

About the Program

Our fourth cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders starts in September 2017! We’re looking for Open Project Leaders to fuel the Internet Health movement by engaging more contributors in their work and connecting with other leaders in the Mozilla Network.

Applications are closed for Mozilla Open Leaders Round 4

An Open Project Lead is someone running or starting an open project that supports a healthy Internet. Over the course of the program, they will:

  • receive ongoing 1:1 mentorship from Mozilla staff and mentors
  • have access to a rich community of mentors, technologists and more
  • complete modules and provide feedback on the Open Leadership Training Series exploring best practices for project setup and communication, tools for collaboration, community building, and running events
  • bring their project to either MozFest or Hacktoberfest. The Mozilla Festival is the world’s leading festival for the open Internet movement (October 27–29, 2017 Ravensbourne College, London).

Who is this for?

If you (or your team) are running or starting an open project and want to grow as an open leader this is for you! Your open project doesn’t have to be technical — it can be curriculum (open educational resource), an open data project or report, an open source software project, or anything else that:

  • has something to work on (a feature, module, or minimum viable product) during the program,
  • allows and welcomes contributions by others, and
  • supports the open web and a healthy Internet


  • Attend online Office Hours and demos together with the entire cohort going through this program
  • Meet with your personal mentor every two weeks
  • Complete assignments from the Open Leadership Training Series, facilitating new contributors on your project
  • Participate at MozFest (Oct 27–29) or Hacktoberfest (all October), either remotely or in-person.

Duration: 12 weeks (mid-September — November 2017, details TBA)

Being an Open Project Lead requires you to add one meeting a week (from 30 to 90min) to your schedule and complete assignments around your open project.

Estimated time: ~3h/week for 12 weeks + MozFest or Hacktoberfest

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