There are four cohorts going through the online version of Mozilla Open Leaders.

Cohort A

#Rethink Web Literacy!

This project seeks to invigorate a whole new concept of “Pact” model in Web literacy among local young people in Cape Town, South Africa by providing an enabling environment, multidisciplinary and safe space for informal learning and exchange of experiences around the digital space. The aim is to provide young people with the skills they need to become digital players, content producers and leaders so they can advance in their personal and professional lives.

Oarabile Mudongo
Cape Town, South Africa

Open source enthusiast voluntarily, product specialist professionally. I have been contributing to Mozilla projects for the past 6+ years now. Started off as an FSA and climbed all the way to being a Mozilla Rep. Currently focusing on building a better local Mozilla community and volunteer retention.
Cohort A

Activismo Lenguas: a online resource exchange for language digital activism

The project is a part of Rising Voices' indigenous language digital activism initiative that seeks to collaboratively create a portal for peer learning and exchange for and with indigenous communities participating in an open and linguistically diverse web. Built upon the shared experiences of indigenous language digital activists in Latin America, the portal will document existing initiatives, resources to start a project what tools to use, and what strategies to follow to make your project of language digital activism sustainable.

Mónica Bonilla
Bogotá, Colombia

Hello! My name is Monica Bonilla, I am from Colombia and I am a linguist and researcher. I have worked on projects of inclusion, empowerment and digital literacy with different communities, especially with speakers of indigenous languages from several Latin American countries.
Cohort A

Commons Platform (Mycelium?)

The Commons Platform is an open source, decentralised commons-owned social network for community organising, activism, resource-sharing, crowd-sourcing, open access research and data, independent media, ethical commerce and a new economy. Mission: to create a network that every person who wants to can access by 2025, which will enable them to collaborate to create solutions for themselves, their communities and the wider world, by harnessing and developing new open source technologies.

Sophie Varlow

I live in London, have 3 kids and do triathlon.
Cohort A

Nick Wood

I live in London and I work largely on a group of collective projects with Sophie Varlow. My area of interest in relation to them ranges from building Consentful and open working cultures, accessibility and diversity, to clear communications and organisational systems. In tech terms I’m interested particularly if concepts of consent and safety and the needs of the marginalised can be successfully considered in software development. I’ve worked most of my life in fields where diversity, accessibility, organisational and community development meet occupational psychology and open communication. Often from surprisingly different angles. On the other hand I have a degree in Military Studies (specialising in the psychology of revolutionary warfare and the organisational evolution of military organisms) and am currently developing a talk for a group in London on the RAFs Strategic Bombing of Germany as an example of the incrementalism of evil.
Cohort A


Many kinds of data can be thought of as 'flows': energy and materials moving through industry, money flowing through the economy, telephone lines moving between providers, voters moving between parties. floWeaver is an open-source framework for analysing and visualising flow data using Sankey diagrams. In my research, I'm particularly interested in physical flows of materials, aiming to reduce the 20% of global industrial carbon emissions due to making these materials. My vision is build common tools with other researchers for analysing and visualising data about physical stocks & flows, so researchers can effectively share data and communicate results; I hope to grow this project beyond my research group to be a core tool for this analysis.

Rick Lupton
Cambridge, UK

I'm a researcher at the University of Cambridge, using data science to understand the environmental impacts of the way society uses resources, such as energy or steel. At the moment I'm particularly interested in ontologies and data integration, modelling uncertainty, and open tools for visualising the results.
Cohort A
@ricklupton Indian data analysis and inference for the wide open world is an open source initiative with two aims: 1) to aid government decision making and policy framing through knowledge and trends drawn from data based visualizations, graphs, maps and charts; and 2) knowledge dissemination to the citizens of India and everyone else on the internet by analysing, cleaning, segregating and visualizing the vast troves of data made public through OGD, the open Goverment data initiative.

Karan Sapolia

Am a Computer Science undergrad at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. Love coding, Photography and Physics. Author of the 'v8codecov' npm package. Global finalist of the Youtube Spacelab competiton. Currently studying web browsers and JS compilers/interpreters like V8 and Webkit. Javascript, Machine Learning and Web Technologies are my thing. Am lately in love with Rust, Node, PWAs, React, Web Components and the connected JS ecosystem. OSS enthusiast. Working on positive, impactful and open tech disruption really motivates me.
Cohort A

Kickstart the city (working title)

Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, has few options for public discussion of online privacy and security, with most work focused in London. I want build my research and experience into a collaborative community that kickstarts the West Midlands conversation (2.5 million pop.). I hope to find collaborators (activists, artists, technologists) to develop new projects leading to long-term impact. End documentation will inspire other regions to kickstart their own hubs of activity.

Fiona Cullinan

Fiona Cullinan is a writer/editor from Birmingham, UK. She took a sabbatical last year and ended up working at The Glass Room London and MozFest. Vital stats: has three semi-famous rabbits @bunminster, 70+ journals, and thinks she might be the oldest in the cohort as she has just turned 50. Always curious.
Cohort A

Maker Learning Curriculum for Rapid Prototyping

My first exposure to hardware prototyping was because of a rapid prototyping class at Georgia Tech where I worked on a Arduino Weather Lamp as seen here And while the project itself was not very sophisticated or hi-fidelity it served as an amazing training ground for learning hardware hacking. My project aims to capture the curriculum taught in the class and make it available to instructors so they can appropriate it to their own context of teaching.

Manasvi M Lalwani
Jersey City

I am a UX Designer at heart working as a Data Vis practitioner at Axis Group, New Jersey.
Cohort A

Open online community forum for maker educators

Carlos Izsak

I work as an educator and in community development , interested in maker, steam, project based learning and developing 21st century skills for children and young people. Currently working on makercart project (pop-up mobile makerspace) and building maker ed community (
Cohort A

MBac - Computer vision tool for bacterial motility assays

Bacterial surface colonization and biofilm formation depends on motility in surface environments. Therefore studying bacterial motility is very important to better understand bacterial virulence and persistence. Unfortunately setups vary quite a lot and the reproducibility of bacterial motility assays is comparatively low. For this reason I want to develop an open source imaging setup and computer vision based software to perform and analyse bacterial motility assays!

Alexander Kutschera

I am a biotechnologist, tinkerer and PhD student at the TU Munich. I do research in microbiology, plant immunity and some structural chemisty. I love to develop and build things that solve problems and make (lab)life easier.
Cohort A

Method Cards: Bringing Web Literacy Curriculum into UX

Web literacy is important for all people, but what about the researchers and designers who dedicate their careers to user-centered products and services? What tools do they need to ensure an open, accessible web? Reading, writing and participating on the web are the foundations of literacy. Once achieved, how do we know we are designing and shipping accessible products and services? This project aims to bring Mozilla’s Web Literacy curriculum into the domain of UX.

Meag Doherty
Washington, DC

I am an open data advocate and civic technologist with a background in policy, UX, and development. My current area of focus is user research and service design within the U.S. government; and bringing 21st Century skills training into UX.
Cohort A

Open Apparel Registry (OAR)

My company - Sourcemap ( - is working with the C&A Foundation to design and build an online open map + database of all apparel factories worldwide. The OAR aims to create one standardized registry of factory names and addresses that will a) eliminate issues with matching factories across multiple, inconsistent databases, and b) facilitate collaboration across all kinds of stakeholders working in the apparel industry - from brands and suppliers to civil society organizations.

Rhea Rakshit

I'm a user experience / product designer interested in the intersection of design, behavioral science and social impact. I work as the VP of Product for a New York based technology company called Sourcemap, which enables companies to achieve greater transparency and increase visibility into their supply chains, by using Sourcemap's proprietary supply chain mapping software. I currently split my time between New York and Mumbai.
Cohort A

Parliamentary Debates Open

The tool aims to make parliamentary speeches open and accessible covering Hungarian parliamentary debates since 1990. The scraped speeches are processed using Natural Language Processing, ElasticSearch is used for search backend, and Kibana will be applied for data visualization. The minimal viable product is a filterable dashboard for name, topic, party, and date, returning the relevant speeches. Additional features will include top lists, histograms and comparisons.

Borbala Toth
Barcelona / Budapest

I work as a data analyst and project manager, and also studying Data Science and Big Data at the University of Barcelona. My background is in Political Science and Economics. I am interested in current affairs and data science. In my free time I like to mingle these two.
Cohort A

Teaching & Learning on/with the Open Web Expertise Hub - TLOWEH

In a media environment where we have increasingly lost control of our personal data and commodifying spaces are so ubiquitous, it is essential to nurture and understand the value of those digital ‘oasis’ that allow people to take more ownership of their online presence. TLOWEH aims to gather insights, inspiring examples and models contributed by educators and learners from all over the world who have incorporated the Open Web into their teaching and learning practice (e.g Domains of One's Own).

Daniel Villar-Onrubia

I work at Coventry University's Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) as Principal Innovation Lead. My work focuses on the adoption of digital practices and cultures within Higher Education, with a special interest in Open Education, online media literacies and Internet-based intercultural collaborations. One of the most interesting things I am doing as part of my current role is to lead on the development of a Domains of One's Own (DoOO) initiative.
Cohort A

Luca Morini

I am a Research Associate at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab of Coventry University. I hold a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Education and Communication, obtained researching into the social, cultural and pedagogical dynamics which occur in Do-It-Yourself amateur game design communities. My main areas of interest are participatory cultures (especially game cultures), critical pedagogy, and systems thinking. I have experience in qualitative research methodologies, particularly in participatory research and ethnography, seamlessly transversing online and offline spaces.
Cohort A

Lauren Heywood

I work at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) where I support educators to rethink traditional approaches to teaching and learning. This includes the development and community management of Coventry.Domains (a Domain of One’s Own initiative), the Lab’s work around Open Badges, and a number of open learning resources. I am interested in open education practices and how emerging technologies can support life-long learning.
Cohort A

The Foundation For Public Code

We try and create an open source ecosystem for public code, both computer and legal, with an explicit focus on cities. We want to be like the Linux Foundation or Apache Foundation for city open source projects. I'm currently embedded in the City of Amsterdam's data-portal team to help them transition into open source and we're hoping that we'll soon be able to bring more projects into a shared collective foundation.

Boris van Hoytema

My mission is to create an Open Source ecosystem for cities. As a part of this I am the Open Source advisor for the City of Amsterdam and am programme manager for collaboration of the EU SCORE consortium of cities that co-develop software. I'm also co-founding the Foundation For Public Code.
Cohort A

The Open Reflectometry Project

Reflectometry researchers must understand plasma physics, microwave propagation, RF electronics and data processing; taking months to years browsing publications and dissertations, before becoming productive. The Open Reflectometry Project aims i) to facilitate the knowledge transfer and collaboration between reflectometry researchers; ii) to educate plasma physicists and engineers that use reflectometry data; iii) and to improve the transparency and reliability of reflectometry diagnostic data.

Diogo Aguiam
Lisbon, Portugal

I am an Electronics Engineer with passion for systems integration, working towards a PhD in Physics developing microwave diagnostics for Nuclear Fusion, the future of energy! I travel often between Lisbon, Portugal and Munich, Germany. I try to promote Open Science as much as possible in my work and within my institute.
Cohort A

The People's Roadmap to a Digital New York City

BetaNYC is leading the update of the People's Roadmap (, a community vision document that helps guide our city's digital future. Our first Roadmap, issued in 2013, contained 34 policy recommendations. Since then, 14 of these ideas were drafted into legislation, 9 were signed into law, and another 9 became public-private partnerships. In this update, we want the visioning and writing process to be more inclusive and create a product that is more user friendly.

Lauren Rennée
New York, NY

Lauren is a volunteer organizer of BetaNYC, a civic-tech community organization that works to improve the lives of New Yorkers through open data, service design, and digital tools. Outside of BetaNYC, she works as an Urban Planner specializing in transportation planning. Lauren is interested in learning effective ways of communicating complex subject-matter and frameworks for online community engagement.
Cohort A

Ashley Cortez
Brooklyn, NY

My name is Ashley Cortez and I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I work at NYC Opportunity under the Mayor's Office, where we help the City use evidence and innovation to reduce poverty and increase equity as a training, workshop design, and outreach specialist for digital products. In my spare time I volunteer on the leadership team of BetaNYC, a Code For America brigade, hang in my hammock, and rub my dog's belly.
Cohort A

Ben Chrobot
Brooklyn, New York

I work on tooling for computational genomics research at Weill Cornell Medicine's Mason Lab in New York City. Tools like Github and Bitbucket have made developing software in the open easy to do and I am interested in identifying open workflows for other processes.
Cohort A

Translating open research in Agriculture to local language for Ethiopian farmers understanding to promote citizen science

This project propose to translate the open research outputs in agriculture to local languages like Amharic and also making the translation of the scientific terms to everyday language that the farmers can understand. The translations will be openly available using an online platform to farmers and also to the public so that it facilitates citizen engagement in open science including data collection and data analysis which will promote citizen science to increase agricultural productivity.

Solomon Mekonnen
Addis Ababa

Solomon is an Academic Staff with rank of Lecturer at the Addis Ababa University based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is also a Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Ambassador for East Africa. Solomon is a final year PhD student at the University of South Africa and his interests include Open Access, Open Data, Open Science , and Information Security.
Cohort A

Voices under Threat

This project is part of my work as a member of the Support and Safety Team of the Wikimedia Foundation. We have been aware for a long time that volunteers on the Wikimedia projects are under pressure from governments or other agencies of power because of their contributions to the projects. We aim to find ways to help them mitigate such threats. The goal of this project is to create a series of toolkits, resources and processes for supporting individuals and communities under such threats.

Christel Steigenberger

Christel studied Social Work and worked in youth services, professionally supported handicapped people and people with different kinds of mental disabilities for many years. She was always a curious reader, writes poetry herself and joined the internet in 1998 to talk about literature first. She became involved with Wikipedia in 2014 and is working for the Wikimedia Foundation since July 2017.
Cohort A

Cohort B

Building connections between UNESCO and the open movement

I have been working as Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO for two years and have funding to continue my work for 2018, an overview is available here UNESCO shares many goals with open organisation including: adoption of Open Access, Free and Open Source Software, Universal Access to information and a healthy internet. To date there has been little cooperation, UNESCO would like to change this, I would like to use the three months to understand how this could happen.

John Cummings
Paris, France

I work as Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO helping them to share their knowledge through Wikimedia projects and promote Open Access. I previously at worked at Natural History Museum and Science Museum in London and I helped run Wikimania 2014. I started MonmouthpediA, the first Wikipedia town. I am on the leadership team for WYSE International, a youth leadership charity.
Cohort B

Endangered Data Week Open Curriculum

Endangered Data Week ( is a program that sheds light on the social, political, and technical threats to access to public data. We coordinate educational events and workshops to enable citizens to fight for government transparency and accountability. In our first year, we had over 50 events internationally, though most were associated with US universities. Our goal this year is to broaden our reach to include more populations and communities outside of academia.

Brandon Locke
Lansing, MI

I'm the Director of LEADR, a digital research lab in History & Anthropology at Michigan State University. I'm particularly interested in digital and data literacy, civic data and civic tech, and data ethics.
Cohort B

Sarah Melton

Sarah Melton is the Head of Digital Scholarship at Boston College Libraries, where her team explores and documents new tools and supports teaching and research using broad methodologies. Sarah received her PhD from Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts.
Cohort B

Jason Heppler
Omaha, NE

Jason A. Heppler, PhD, is the Digital Engagement Librarian at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he leads initiatives in public history and digital engagement. He is currently completing his first book, *Suburban by Nature: Silicon Valley and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics*, under contract with the University of Oklahoma Press.
Cohort B

Rachel Mattson
Brooklyn, NY

Rachel Mattson works at the intersections where archival practice meets queer political & aesthetic desire. She is (among several other things!) Manager of Digital Projects in the Archives of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, a core member of the XFR Collective, and the founder of the Digital Library Federation's interest group in Government Records Transparency & Accountability. She holds a PhD in US history from NYU and an MLIS from the University of Illinois, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Cohort B

Life long learning and digital literacy

During our non-formal activities we often see that youth workers or volunteers who need to validate the learning of young people online via Open Badges, isn't able yet to support the young person on the digital level, as well as recognising the learning. We want to support these adults in overcoming this digital gap. I want to do this through developing a tool that will support these adults.

Sandra van de Kraak
The Netherlands

Hi, I'm Sandra van de Kraak, resident in The Netherlands but working internationally as youth worker and trainer in the field of youth. Awareness and proactivity towards a life long learning attitude and understanding importance of digital literacy is an important principle in my work nowadays.
Cohort B

Live Whiteboard

Internet has replaced almost everything but conventional teaching methods.Though there are many online resources but they lack one to one interaction of the teacher and students. So we have come up with the idea of a Live Whiteboard where people can connect live using the app or the web solution and write/discuss/scribble their ideas.Students studying from distance can get the blackboard teaching experience, people collaborating on remote projects can discuss and develop their ideas graphically.

Apoorvaa Gupta

I study Computer Engineering in Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi. I am an enthusiastic open source contributor at Coding Blocks and Mozilla. I have mentored over 200 students in Web development courses at Coding Blocks as a Teaching Assistant. I build web apps in Ember, NodeJs and PostgreSQL, and Android apps!
Cohort B

Bhavya Aggarwal

I am a junior year B.E. Computer Science student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.I have been working as a Web Developer for past 1 year and soon to be an Android Developer.
Cohort B

Make Rwanda Web literate

Our project aims at increasing digital literacy and the number of people using internet and web in Rwanda.We train and equip youth leaders with the skills and knowledge to teach web literacy in low-resourced areas across the country those trained youth leaders become Digital Ambassadors. In the next 5 years, the ambassadors are expected to reach millions of individuals who are (or will be) coming online for the first time.

Solange Tuyisenge

Solange TUYISENGE is a woman Engineer living in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. She has a vision of bridging the digital divide in her country by increasing digital literacy among the citizens especially those in under served communities. She also enjoys encouraging young girls to join STEM related domains and mentors them through different career building activities.
Cohort B

Open repository for tech for good global

In my day job at Bethnal Green Ventures, we're starting to build as media platform and knowledge hub for all things tech for good. Aligned with our principle to be open because it makes things better, we have the ambition for tech for good global to become the go-to platform for community building and information with regards to tech for good, and build a repository of tech for good case studies that is truly global.

Dama Sathianathan

Dama currently works at Bethnal Green Ventures as their communications and events manager and is involved in running the tech for good London, ICT4D London and Open Charity meetups. She previously worked for international NGOs using digital storytelling and data for good and has a background in international relations.
Cohort B

Open Source Microwave

Making our products open source is essential to build a more sustainable, fair and circular economy. We are a team of designers and developers in the process of establishing an open cooperative committed to create social and sustainable impact using the power of open source design. We think there is a huge opportunity in designing a product platform of open source appliances, and we want to start with a microwave.

Vinay Bhajantri
Delft, Netherlands

I'm an industrial designer with background in mechanical engineering. I design products with a focus on sustainability and have realised open source designs are really impactful enabler of sustainable development.
Cohort B

Jose Carlos Urra Llanusa

I am 31 years old Cuban, Industrial and Interaction designer, currently living in Delft. Interested in circular economy, open source and sustainable development.
Cohort B

Open Sourcing DuraCloud: Beyond the License

DuraCloud, our successful digital preservation storage service, uses an open source license, but lacks the community contribution model that typically defines an open source project. Our Mozilla Open Leadership Training project aims to correct this by developing strategies and communication techniques to foster greater engagement and collaboration around digital preservation and the software used to ensure digital content remains accessible to everyone for the long term.

Erin Tripp

Erin's into open source software, digital asset management, digital preservation, libraries, & communications strategy. She works for the US-based non-profit, DuraSpace. She lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Cohort B

Bill Branan
Melbourne, Florida

Bill works at DuraSpace in the development and operations of hosted software services based on open source technology and is interested in sustainable models which allow open source software projects to be built and expanded.
Cohort B

Open Web for Social Good

Promoting the usage Open Web tools to increase productivity and efficiency of the work done towards social good

Shashikanth Reddy Palvatla
New Delhi, India

I wish to bring equality in opportunity. I Defend Digital Rights and Promote Open Web. I am interested in advocacy and building collaboration between diverse activist communities.
Cohort B

OpenLearn through open research

Open Learning through Open research project will be researching how large scale of students can learn in groups in Open learning environments. MOOCs are trending yet it uses pedagogy of information transfer, students are often isolated and there will be no collaborations among students. Our goal is to make MOOCs more effective by identifying active, interactive and collaborative designs We will set up small groups and facilitate to take online courses in MOOC platforms

Dilrukshi Gamage

I am a PhD student at University of Moratuwa researching on how can we build effective learning system for large scale of students. Main research areas are Open learning at scale and Human Computer Interaction. I embrace peer learning and thinking a world of networked learning connections triggering each time when new knowledge created. Other than my main research, I take leading roles in to close the gap between women entering to Technical fields. I envision a context independent world to do whatever interest to you ,whenever you want by where ever you work by simple digital interactions.
Cohort B

Hasara Maithree

I'm Hasara Maithree. I'm currently an undergraduate of department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I'm interested in doing researches related to machine learning, human-computer interaction and computer vision.
Cohort B

Mark Whiting
Mountain View, California

I'm a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford in the HCI group in Computer Science. I am facenated by how we make decisions and what we can do to do that better, individually, in communities, and as a species. In this way, I study how to design automated decision systems and how to design communities around specific goals.
Cohort B

Oregon Nonprofit Index

My project focuses on creating open data about nonprofit organizations in the state of Oregon. This web project will provide the groundwork for a reproducible workflow for all US states and territories. Also, this will allow people easy access to geographically referenced financial data on nonprofits and will also enable people wh without data searching, access, and cleaning skills increased access to these resources.

Jonathan O. Cain
Eugene, Oregon, USA

Jonathan Cain is a Head of Data Services and Librarian for Public Policy, Planning, and Management at University of Oregon Libraries. He was previously a Government Information Librarian at the University of Oregon Libraries, a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Hunter College (CUNY), and a Reference Associate at New York University Libraries. He holds an MS Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute, an MA Africana Studies from New York University, and a BS Anthropology from College of Charleston.
Cohort B

Pawah! Tech for human rights

Pawah! is a project that seeks to foster free speech, protect human rights and help activists and journalists that might be in danger. Pawah! has a fake front-end and hides files on device seizure cases. The files are automatically encrypted and then sent to a secured cloud once the device can connect to a network. To reinforce the capabilities of Pawah! we want to develop skills on how to integrate Pawah! to other practices and useful digital security tools.

Cristian Leon Coronado
La Paz

Bolivian social scientist. Coord. of Political Innovation at Asuntos del Sur. MSc in International Development. Researcher in #OpenGov #Technopolitics #InternetGovernance #DigitalRights. In the process of becoming a coder for more equal and open democracies
Cohort B

Antonella Maia Perini
Buenos Aires

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied International Relations and I currently work at Asuntos del Sur. My areas of expertise and interest are political innovation, open government and internet governance. I am a big fan of contemporary art museums, laptop friendly coffeehouses and maple cookies!
Cohort B


In Evolutionary Biology, the presence/absence pattern of a gene over a set of species is called its “phylogenetic profile”. Phylogenetic profiling is a technique for finding the biological relationships between genes. Due to the uninformative of the basic profile, I am developing PhyloProfile, a visualization method that allows to enrich regular profiles with further data, to make phylogenetic profiling more meaningful. PhyloProfile is open source written in R, making heavy use of Shiny library.

Ngoc-Vinh Tran
Frankfurt am Main

I am doing PhD in Bioinformatics at the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main Germany. My research subjects are evolutionary trees and phylogenetic profiles. With the passion in photography, I want to discover the beauty of science by visualizing the boring data.
Cohort B

Privacy manual for journalists

Create a Resource that journalists can use to understand how to manage their privacy and secure their communications and their sources

Guillermo Movia
Buenos Aires

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, my career has been focused on working with free software communities and researching their work. I’m a member of Mozilla community since 2005 and co-organize Hackshackers Buenos Aires community. As part of my extensive involvement in open source communities, I have built open source networks in both Latin America and Europe.
Cohort B

Reading for Gender Bias

Implicit gender bias in evaluations negatively impacts women at every stage of their career. The goal of this project is to create a web-based text-mining tool that scans and reveals language bias associated with evaluations and letters of recommendation written for trainees and applicants. Bringing awareness to the existence of implicit bias may impact how evaluations for women are drafted and judged, thereby providing a concrete way to tackle gender disparities.

Mollie Marr

I am an MD/PhD student at Oregon Health & Science University in the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience. I am interested in policy and activism and how we can use art and science to engage and inspire. When not in class, I can usually be found reading.
Cohort B

Spread Open Healthy Web

With my knowledge in open source, I will bring up women to the web. I will help them and support them to learn, teach and participate in open web. I will be happy and excited to conduct online and offline events for enthusiastic contributors.

Fahima Zulfath A
Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

An undergraduate student, very curious on learning new things and always love to indulge in working with a huge community. Member of Mozilla India having avid interest to host events. Often time off in online learning platforms, playing games and social media. Area of expertise: Quality Assurance, Web development, Web Literacy
Cohort B

The Aquarius Project

Last year a meteor broke up 60 miles over Wisconsin & splashed down into Lake Michigan. We know of no previous systematic attempt at underwater recovery of meteorites. It's this combination of knowns & unknowns that has inspired students & science professionals to mount, “The Aquarius Project.” This multidisciplinary endeavor is the first student driven attempt at underwater meteorite retrieval & we wish to include the greatest number of students in this hands on science endeavor.

Chris Bresky
Chicago, IL

Chris Bresky is a trained artist and educator who currently works at the Adler Planetarium finding creative ways for teens to engage with science. He is interested in using story and narrative to inspire exploration. Currently, Chris is on the hunt for meteroites with Chicago teens and scientists that are submerged in Lake Michigan.
Cohort B

Viva las Venus

Nowadays, mostly of our lives are online, but in times of excessive mass surveillance, data collection, harassment, net neutrality in danger, it becomes more than necessary to know how to protect yourself and the loved ones through learning about privacy and security in digital media. Las Venus is a long term project that aims to be a seeder for other projects for a healthier, safe and diverse internet, who teaches women- cis and trans - through workshops, debates, talks, in person and online.

Cybelle Oliveira
São Paulo

Lives in São Paulo, bachelor's degree in History at University of São Paulo, post-graduate in Cultural Management with focus in art and technology. Community Manager at Codamos Club, co-founder of JSLadies, helps organize CryptoRave, and volunteer at Mozilla. Enthusiasts of privacy and security, diversity and inclusion in tech.
Cohort B


It is a forum or an anonymous community, where teenagers can ask questions only related to INTEGRAL SEX EDUCATION. Maybe many teenagers are 'embarrassed' to talk to an adult or their peers. Our app wants to cross the TABÚ towards the Integral Sexual Education, because this is not a forbidden topic, it is not a sensitive issue, it is something necessary and it must be informed in all the institutions! We want to give young people access and avoid accidents!

Camila Roson
Aixa Acosta
Buenos Aires

Hello! I am a girl who lives in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I currently program application prototypes and create blogs, both non-profit. I am interested in technology and the exact sciences, although I also have tastes for audiovisual art. I currently work with my partner Camila Roson.
Cohort B

WordPress Plugin Observatory

WordPress has become one of the most popular FLOSS CMS systems and it comes with a continuously growing community responsible for over 50K plugins also available as FLOSS. Unfortunately not all of the plugins play well with each other, nor are properly maintained. We aim in creating an open platform that will crowd source the experience of combining different plugins of WordPress with state of the art software quality metrics helping developers build faster and more secure websites.

Apostolos Kritikos
Thessaloniki, Greece

Software Engineer born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. Co-founder & CTO of Social Mind, a digital marketing and web development agency. PhD candidate with the Computer Science Dept., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki specializing in Open Source Software. Open Data Registered Trainer with the Open Data Institute. Open Coffee Thessaloniki host.
Cohort B

Cohort C

An R software toolkit to simplify an open, collaborative scientific workflow

Many fields of science are far behind adopting open scientific practices (e.g. share code). I believe these will be a requirement for publication in the future. However, one of the biggest challenges for many researchers/scientists is that it's not (at this point) easy to do these practices. This toolkit will simplify and automate many of these tasks. I have already started work on this software project with prodigenr (

Luke Johnston
Aarhus, Denmark

I am a post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University in Denmark. I do diabetes epidemiology research, using the massive registry databases they have here in Denmark. My interests and expertise are in programming in R, teaching computing skills (Git, R, shell, etc), and using/learning statistics.
Cohort C


Working with group of youth from the Brownsville Community Justice Center, The Brooklyn Public Library, and the New York City Mayor's Office of Technology and Innovation to co-design and deploy wireless access in a public plaza, and an interactive kiosk. Topics could include teaching the public about how surveillance, data, and networks impact the lives of young Brooklynites.

Maya Wagoner
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Maya is a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow at the Brooklyn Public Library, working on increasing access to the internet and digital literacy education in an open community-driven way. She is biracial (black/white), a proud Californian, a capoeirista, and wishes she had a cat.
Cohort C

Broadband Performance and Internet Measurements Data in Africa

I am a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow hosted by Research ICT Africa. I am working on a Broadband Performance and Internet Measurements project. The idea is to collect/analyse performance data. I would like to develop a portal that hosts this data, with the ability for users (even basic Internet end-users) to make sense of this data in terms of graphs, charts, images, etc to guide decision-making and improve service provision.

Sarah Kiden
Cape Town, South Africa or Kampala, Uganda

Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow hosted by Research ICT Africa, working on a broadband performance and Internet measurements project. Interested in open source technologies and Internet Policy. Cape Town, South Africa or Kampala, Uganda.
Cohort C

Coding the Mind: Advancing Global Wellbeing through Open Digital Health

The absence of theoretical rigor and transparency in mHealth intervention and innovation too often results in a black box approach, yielding tools that are neither generalizable nor scalable. Given the explosion of knowledge about psychiatric disorders, our platform ( will delineate how a cognitive sciences and neuroscience approach can inform the selection, operationalization, and design of digital health technology to intervene in processes hindering wellbeing worldwide.

Kathy Trang
Hanoi, Vietnam

Kathy Trang is a doctoral student in biological anthropology at Emory University. Her research focuses on HIV and PTSD epidemiology, neurobiology, and treatment impact among young men who have sex with men in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Cohort C

ContextExplorer: Analysis of organized cell behavior

I want to understand mammalian development and contribute to regenerative medicine cell therapies against currently untreatable diseases. As part of my PhD project, I am using Python and Qt to develop a GUI-driven image data processing application to help biologists study organized cellular behavior in this context in a quantitative manner. These analysis methods are currently not accessible to scientists without a programming background, which is hindering widespread study of these biological processes.

Joel Ostblom

I'm a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where I use computational and experimental approaches to better understand fundamental stem cell decisions. Outside school, I enjoy playing ice hockey, eating and making food, being in nature, and figuring out how I can maximize the time I spend inside vim.
Cohort C

Crowd2Map Tanzania

Crowd2Map was born at Mozfest15 with the aim of mapping rural Tanzania, which is currently missing from maps, particularly to help protect girls from FGM. We’ve recruited >3500 online volunteers, trained >400 community mappers in Tanzania and mapped >2 million buildings into OpenStreetMap. Having better maps helped protect >2000 girls from FGM in the last “cutting season”. We were awarded a microgrant from HOT in June and are organising a 3 day training conference in Dar in December.

Janet Chapman

I'm the founder of Crowd2Map Tanzania, a crowdsourced mapping project aiming to put rural Tanzania on the map. Since 2015, we have been adding schools, hospitals, roads, buildings and villages to OpenStreetMap, an open source map available to all, with the help of over 4000 volunteers worldwide and 200 on the ground in Tanzania. With minimal budget and no staff we have so far added over 2 million buildings and mapped over 70,000 sq kilometres. In June we were awarded a microgrant by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap to train community mappers in 8 areas of Tanzania, and presented a community webinar for them. We have also been featured on Al Jazeera, The Guardian and Missing Maps.
Cohort C


This project aims to put up a training and incentive program in Science Communication to young scientists. The first step would be to gather information about scientists’ needs and worries when they are asked to do SciComm. The next step will be to put up (fun and not much time consuming) training modules focused on these information. We will also look for international applications for funding, so we could offer a fellowship for the trainees or a prize in a contest at the end of the training.

Gracielle Higino

I am a PhD candidate and I live in a lovely Brazilian city called Goiânia. I am in love with this journey, studying theoretical ecology and engaging with science communication and outreach.
Cohort C


We're trying to make building browser-based behavioral experiments easy and accessible. To this end, our project provides a visual interface for constructing studies (e.g. in psychology, economics, or cognitive- and neuroscience) without code. Besides ease of use, the second goal of our project is to encourage the open exchange of study materials and tasks, so that they can be adapted and replicated. Any part of a study can be shared and re-used by fellow researchers.

Felix Henninger
Mannheim (Germany)

Budding scientist, trying to help untangle how decisions are formed, and to understand how we deal with an uncertain world. Fascinated by research as a craft, would love to make reproducible, open research more common by building tools that make it easy. Besides: Dreamer, tinkerer, explorer, dilettante-of-all-trades.
Cohort C


The project aims to collect methologies used by global labs for innovation. As part of a larger project (dig. platform), Ill classify labs via attributes such as: tools, methodologies, collaboration processes, data type, policies / law, docs (licenses), skills, actors . Systematize the methodologies, compare and analyze its (repo) and find gaps. I m interested in demonstrate the potential to establish links between education, science and open data movements related in this case to methodologies

Virginia Brussa
Rosario, Argentina

Virginia is an internationalist, living in Rosario, Argentina. Interested in the digital world, innovation and open practices ( academic + gov + humanitarian issues). She is a former SBTF Regional Coordinator , co-organized the First Latin American MSF Scientific Day , Coord +Datalab and the Argentine Network of Open Education (AREA). Member of the Argentine Association of Digital Humanities, CIM and others academics/researcher spaces. Also she work closely with a citizen innovation lab ( hacking civic area - Santa Fe), gender projects, open movement(s). Love maps and the ritual of "mate"!
Cohort C


Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a widely used tool providing a non-invasive, high-resolution index of brain activity. Recently, the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) was introduced to standardize fMRI data sets, enabling data discovery and—through associated BIDS Apps—analysis. A remaining challenge of fMRI data is its sensitivity to artifacts. Multi-echo analysis (Kundu et al., 2011, NeuroImage) was developed to address this; however, no multi-echo BIDS App currently exists.

Elizabeth DuPre
Montreal, QC, CAN

I'm a doctoral student in the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University. I study how brain networks interact to support cognition in healthy adults, and how these network interactions change as we age.
Cohort C


Mission:Information is a media and web literacy curriculum aimed at empowering teens to be strong producers, consumers, and distributors of information and media online. The curriculum currently includes three open-source lessons that focus on misinformation. I hope to expand the curriculum to to incorporate computer science concepts that equip students to both better understand and combat the current misinformation crisis, and to fully engage with and shape the internet itself.

Sarah Morris
Austin, TX

I'm a librarian, educator, and curriculum designer living in Austin, TX. I'm interested in media, news, and web literacy, and I've taught learners ranging from preschool to grad school.
Cohort C

Open Advocacy

Open Advocacy is a collection of Open Source Advocacy tools/services, exciting part is all these are secure. Advoacacy is a essential part of socities and so does Internet, in this era of data tracking, mass-surveillance and unethical attempts of monitization of advocacy platforms, this project will be a very needed resource to provide free, accessible, open-source, privacy secured apps/services at one place. Inviting activists, techies, organizations working with similar goals to collaborate.

Ranjith Raj Vasam
Hyderabad, India

Ranjith Raj is a Free Software Activist working with WikiMedia, Mozilla and Free Software Movement of India. Advocate of Open Access, Open Science, Open Data, Open Web and causes alike. He is working extensively on digital rights & privacy campaigns, educating people on various aspects of Mass Surveillance. He has his expertise in Web Development, Cyber Security and Data Science. Often deals data with R&Python.
Cohort C

Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit (ODK) is a set of tools to author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions used primarily for humanitarian purposes. ODK has recently transitioned out of the University of Washington to being a community-led project. As part of that effort, I have been involved in setting up a new forum (, Slack (, contributor guides for sub projects (e.g., etc.

Hélène Martin
San Diego

My passion is computing for social impact. I spent several years introducing underrepresented groups to computer science. I now work in global development helping organizations with mobile data collection needs. When not in front of a computer I enjoy sewing clothes, traveling the world and hiking.
Cohort C

Open Source Circular Economy Days

The Open Source Circular Economy Days is a global project and community exploring Open Source methodologies for the development of sustainable circular economy that is capable of fighting climate change, resource depletion and and species extinction. The project started in 2015 with a global event. Over the past 3 years over 100 people in over 100 cities got involved. But there is a lot of work to do to progress in the future! Website:

Seigo Robinson

A circular economy and social enterprise consultant based in Cambridge UK, part of Board of Stewards for OSCEdays.
Cohort C

James Gien Wong
Cape Town

Principal cofounder of Stop Reset Go, a global citizen's collective focused on developing citizen centric, rapid whole system change solutions for the globe.
Cohort C

Xiuqing Zhang

I am business consultant and living in berlin. BoST member of Open Source Circular Economy Days. Advocate of systemic change towards circular economy.
Cohort C


Designer - Active with Open Source Circular Economy days (OSCEdays)
Cohort C


p5.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that makes coding and creating visual media on the web accessible to artists, designers, educators, beginners, engineers, and anyone! It's taught in K-12 to universities worldwide, in art and design programs as well as engineering programs. The key part for me is that diversity, inclusion, and access are core values upon which p5.js is built, allowing all technical, design, and outreach efforts to flow from this:

Lauren McCarthy
Los Angeles

Lauren McCarthy is an artist based in LA. She studies social and technological systems for being a person and interacting with other people. Lauren is the creator of p5.js, an open source JS library for making art on the web.
Cohort C

Parkology: An Open Online Community for People Who Love Parks

Parkology is an open, nonprofit partnership being developed by City Parks Alliance, National Recreation and Park Association, and The Trust for Public Land. Its aim is to increase local stewardship and park creation by empowering individuals and communities to leverage knowledge, share information, inform park advocacy, and develop best practices for accessing quality parks. This free, online platform will strengthen communities facing disparities in a fair allocation of resources.

Natalie Garcia
New York, New York

Born and raised in New York, Natalie's appreciation for the environment and enthusiasm for creating fun and relevant content has led her to her current position as a Senior Web Content Editor at The Trust for Public Land. In her spare time she’s chasing the marathon majors, indulging in good food, and exploring new places.
Cohort C

Jeffrey Keefer
New York City

Director of Training & Knowledge Management + Educational Researcher + Professor + Poet + Wikipedian = Liminality + Actor-Network Theory + Open Education
Cohort C

Phinch: An interactive, exploratory data visualization framework for environmental –Omic datasets

Phinch is a open source browser-based, interactive data visualization tool for exploring environmental genomics datasets that enables rapid scientific visualization during the typical scientific research workflow. The project is a collaboration between Dr. Holly Bik (Assistant Professor at UC Riverside) and Pitch Interactive (a data visualization studio in Oakland, CA), and is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. End users include reserachers, educators, students, and citizen scientists.

Holly Bik
Riverside, CA

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nematology at the University of California, Riverside. My graduate training focused on evolutionary biology and classical (morphological) taxonomy, and my current research leverages high-throughput sequencing and computational biology tools, including the use of data visualization methods to analyze -Omic datasets. My lab focuses on exploring broad patterns in microbial eukaryote assemblages (biodiversity and phylogeography, functional roles for microbial taxa, and the relationship between species and environmental parameters), with an emphasis on free-living marine nematodes in deep-sea sediment habitats.
Cohort C

Sentencing with Numbers

Risk assessment algorithms and facial recognition software are used for surveillance and censorship in the United States. My proposed project will help communities promote more transparent and accountable law enforcement practices. Communities should have a right to dismantle these “black boxes” and evaluate whether these tools are perpetuating racial, ethnic, and economic biases. Citizens have the right to know how governments design and implement surveillance and predictive policing tools.

Di Luong
New York City

I am a multilingual researcher passionate about technology for human rights. I previously worked on rural Internet connectivity and telecommunication regulations in the Global South. My project received a bronze prize from Making All Voices Count at the 2015 Global Innovation Competition. Currently you can find me nerding out to all things algorithms and predicting policing during my Ford/MDF Tech Exchange fellowship.
Cohort C


StoryEngine is an impact narrative method that can be used for research, evaluation/assessments, and grant reporting -- all the while creating useful communication/marketing/onboarding/network-building assets for both participants and the organization. It is unique because it is open, adaptable, and seeks to provide value to participants (many similar methods are extractive, never giving back to interviewees).

Christine Prefontaine
Washington DC & Montreal

Multidisciplinary leader working at the intersection of human-centered design, research, facilitation, and capacity-building. Founder of Loup Design & Innovation. Live in Washington DC & Montreal.
Cohort C

Alecia Kuhl
Washington, DC

Socially-focused and community-driven project leader with a commitment to social justice, personal ecology, and supporting healthy teams. Cofounder of Loup, a boutique consulting firm specializing in human centred design and innovation.
Cohort C

Teaching open digital literacy to refugees

In the past 2 years, I've been organizing digital literacy courses for refugees, migrants & asylum seekers arriving in Italy (where I live) from Africa and Asia. Most of them have received very little education. I would like to find a way to improve the curriculum in order to include elements of digital awareness (privacy, data protection, Internet rights etc) while we teach the the basics (how to use a computer, navigate on the Web) -- preferably with non-standard education practices.

Martina Puppi
Rovereto, Italy

My day job is research assistant at the local university's neuroscience research facilities. Outside work, I'm involved in the local migrants/asylum seekers support network, focusing mostly in the education area, especially digital literacy & digital rights. Our latest project is Wikipedia4Refugees, in which we introduced a group of asylum seekers to Wikipedia, helping them to translate articles from Italian to their native languages.
Cohort C

The Rust Content Team

I will be leading the Rust Content Team, a sub-group of the Rust Community Team. As leader I will initiate new posts for the community blog, organise and promote content such as videos and podcasts, and help people who want to write their own blog posts about Rust. This is an exciting opportunity given the popularity of our existing resources. The community team is a small group of individuals, the content team even smaller, so we plan to engage the community to help us achieve our goals.

Mark Sta Ana
London (work) and Colchester (live)

i live in Colchester, and work in the City of London. I'm a software engineer for a Japanese Megabank. I'm a member of the Rust Community team and lead their Content sub-team.
Cohort C

Cohort D

Beyond Activismo (BA)

Is exciting because it aims to document the experience and stories of activists in causes related to Human Rights around the world. Our purpose is to understand how people from different cultures, religions and countries have in common the activism. In addition, we are trying to share the experiences of these activists with others to serve as a source of inspiration. How? doing interviews, photos, videos, then translating the content into different languages and publishing them in the BA website

Josefina Caro Magaña

I am a Political Scientist from Chile living in Berlin. My interests are Human Rights in particular Gender Equality, International Affairs and Latinamerican culture, specially Brazilian culture. I have worked for projects and organizations both for the State and also for NGOs.
Cohort D

Danny Rayman Labrin

Lawyer from Chile, in 2017 I moved to Berlin. I study a LL.M. of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. I had worked and I still work for NGOs in research and litigation about human rights, in particularly in digital rights. I also worked as Photographer making interviews and photos for different webzines. The above both are my interests that mark my path and I try to combine them.
Cohort D

Valentin De Negri Fischer

I am currently based in Berlin. Since 2012 I am a Law Student at Europa Universität Viadrina. In my free time I work as a journalist for indipendent Media Outlets in Berlin.
Cohort D

Citizen's Proxy

With this project I'm trying to make a digital place and physical experience that connect the citizens, teacher in particulars, with the importance of learn and teach about Net Neutrality, privacy an Open Web for the defence of our rights and a collective constructions of a healthy Internet.

Alvar Maciel
Buenis Aires, Argentina

I'm a techy teacher. A primary school teacher involved in open culture and free software movements
Cohort D

Digital Grassroots

Digital Grassroots is a program formed by 2017 Internet Society Youth@IGF fellows, all of whom are below 25 years old. Our program aims to actively engage youths in addressing internet problems at a grassroots level with a bottom-up approach. We host an Ambassadors program to train local champions below 29 years old on internet literacy to accomplish the SDGs through training, mentorship and global community engagement.

Joy Wathagi Ndungu
Nairobi, Kenya

Wathagi is a student in her final year of Law School in Kenya. Her interests are Internet Governance, Youth Advocacy, Human Rights and Travel. She is the Vice President/ Co-founder of Digital Grassroots where she has embarked on a journey to increase Digital Citizenship. Follow her on Twitter @Wathagindungu
Cohort D

Esther Mwema
Lusaka, Zambia

Esther Mwema is President of Digital Grassroots - a youth initiative to increase digital citizenship in local communities. She is also an independent Data Analyst and Researcher working to advance the interest of girls safety, women's health and socioeconomic development through her youth-led organization SAFIGI Outreach Foundation in Zambia. Esther is a certified Open Knowledge Advocate, a trained World Youth Alliance member, and a youth Fellow with Internet Society (ISOC).
Cohort D

Adisa Bolutife
Lagos, Nigeria

I am an Electronics engineer and Open Access advocate based in Lagos, Nigeria. Co-founder at Open Switch Africa. I was an Internet Society Fellow to the 2017 United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum in Geneva and I am passionate about advancing a more open knowledge sharing process on the Internet, hence my interest in Internet literacy. My hobbies include cooking and R.
Cohort D

Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky
Cairo, Egypt

Noha is from Cairo, Egypt, works as a Senior Storage Analyst at Dell EMC. She was one of Internet Society Youth @IGF fellows and joined other fellows to found the youth initiative ' Digital Grassroots '. She loves to try new experiences and work on challenging projects.
Cohort D

Digital Safety for Open Researchers

Digital safety is a new and evolving issue in academia. Scholars who wish to work openly do not have time to investigate the topic in addition to their already full teaching and research schedules. Few online resources exist to address these issues in an academic context. We hope to empower researchers/instructors to take charge of their own digital safety through the creation of an online toolkit that can be used at point of need and incorporated into higher education coursework.

Verletta Kern

I serve as Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of Washington Libraries and am passionate about the nexus between research and public engagement. Areas of interest/expertise include: event wrangler, outreach enthusiast, project manager, open scholarship evangelist, and teaching & learning.
Cohort D

Beth Lytle

Beth works as an Instructional Technologist at the University of Washington with previous experience in public libraries. They are interested in the intersections of technology and pedagogy, including digital scholarship and issues of digital privacy.
Cohort D

Elliott Stevens
Seattle, WA

I am a Research Commons & English Studies Librarian at the University of Washington. My educational interests are in digital storytelling, text-based games, and the value of written reflection done on the job.
Cohort D

Madison Sullivan
Seattle, WA

I am a Business Research and Instruction Librarian at the University of Washington. I am passionate about open scholarship, OER, outreach, and scholarly communications.
Cohort D

Madeline Mundt

Head of the UW Libraries' Research Commons, an interdisciplinary space for student researchers. Interested in equity in higher education, student research, information literacy, public scholarship, interdisciplinarity, representation, and more.
Cohort D

ETER || open educational resources on citizen science & environmental monitoring for teachers

Our project aims to disseminate open source practices among high school teachers by co-prototyping with them an open air quality monitor, publishing open air quality data they can reuse with students and documenting the experience in an OER kit. We want teachers to experience the potential that open practices have to address local community issues. Teachers can play a key role in influencing students towards local social innovation, but most of them feel 'outdated' regarding ICTs.

Julieta Arancio
Buenos Aires, Argentina

PhD candidate at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes & CENIT (Buenos Aires, Argentina), studying the Open Hardware movement in Latin America. I have a background in Environmental Sciences and in my free time I'm either at R’lyeh, a local hacklab where I participate in citizen science projects, or playing the clarinet or the flute. Feminist!
Cohort D


FlyCAGE is a web application that allow users to search for genes in fruit flies that follow a specific expression pattern. The user can either enter a known gene name to find other genes with similar expression profiles, or the user can enter a custom expression pattern based on experimental data to find genes that follow the pattern. FlyCAGE would be useful in identifying candidate genes involved in a given process and discovering regulatory interactions in genetic networks.

Basheer Becerra
El Paso

Undergraduate student in Computer Science and Statistics at Illinois State University. Strong interest in bioinformatics.
Cohort D


The project will take ladies through programming skills. This will be done through Ruby On Rails. We will have weekly meet up every Saturday. The main aim of the project is to bridge the gap in women in tech which has been decreasing in the past decades. At the end of the program each attendee will have a working web application. It will also open doors for the attendees to the many women in tech opportunities.

StellaMaris Njage
Nairobi, Kenya

Stella is a great lover of tech. She enjoys learning new things and solving problems. She also enjoys contributing to open source projects and sharing with others what she already knows.
Cohort C

Sigu Magwa

Software developer passionate in teaching others about software. I am also not good at writing about myself :-)
Cohort C

Ceciliah Wairimu
Nairobi, Kenya

I live in and work in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a Ruby on rails developer and currently diving into python and nodejs. I am interested in IOT.
Cohort C

HACKccessibility: expose the documentation and contribution guides that live in developers heads!

Documentation requires a lot of human energy. Tons of programs are fully featured and yet little documented. An HACKccessibility wizard will help developers to document undocumented code and a webapp populated by data from an analysis of git repositories will provide insight on pieces of code with regards to their documentation and code patterns. A set of free software projects exposing little documentation will be contacted and proposed to use the wizard for documentation sprints.

Jibé Bohuon

I am a science lover, fascinated by how tools and methods enable progress in knowledge and how their absence prevent us from doing what we dream of. Involved in improving the conditions of independants scholars in France. Currently employed as a research software engineer in a public lab, soon independant worker in a co-op of independant workers.
Cohort D

Information Activism Student Group

My project draws on our students’ activist nature and commitment to addressing social inequities and empowering students to be open leaders. Our students tend to be very interested in engaged when discussing information privilege. Thus, the purpose of an information activism student club would be twofold: students will lead campus efforts to 1) to promote Open Access and reduce barriers to information by supporting openness and 2) to advocate for OER adoption across the institution.

Cynthia Mari Orozco
Los Angeles

Cynthia is the Librarian for Equitable Services at East Los Angeles College, a community college that serves over 30,000 students in the East and Southeast Los Angeles areas. She is interested in bringing conversations around openness to local community colleges, specifically engaging students into these conversations.
Cohort D

Money Talks and So Should We: Personal Assessment Tools for Finance Education

At Pockets Change we’re changing the way money is taught. We combine Hip Hop, Finance, and Design Thinking to build financial capability in K-12 and early adulthood. Our workshops and lessons are a start but useful and accessible finance personal assessments are severely lacking in education. Those that exist do little to support the development of self-efficacy and understanding, rather they focus on calculating compound interest and other out of date skills. Let’s build them!!

Andrea Ferrero
Santa Barbara, CA

I’m the co-founder of Pockets Change, we work with students, families, and teachers across the country to change the way finance is taught. I’m based in Santa Barbara, California but call coffee shops and learning communities in cities around the world home too. I have over a decade of experience in education, business, and tech.
Cohort D

Newbook Digital Texts

The project that I co-direct aims to publish lesser known yet significant historical texts. The scope of our work has included 19th century Nile and Iraqi travel journals, Georgian literature, and Ottoman poetry.We aim to bring these important works to a global audience by publishing them openly online, along with the digital tools that we are developing to assist us with our work.

Sarah Ketchley

I’m an Egyptologist with an interest in Digital Humanities. I’m based at the University of Washington in Seattle, and manage Newbook Digital Texts, an undergraduate internship program transcribing, encoding and publishing a selection of historical material from the Near East, the Baltic States and the Ottoman Empire.
Cohort D


NoConnect is a project to connect the unconnected part of the world. It is an android application (for now)which enables chat & message passing without any network, off the grid. It creates a decentralized, end to end encrypted scalable peer to peer mesh network.It can use a combination of wifi and bluetooth interchangeably to create the mesh network. It is not bound to any one of them, can use both separately or mixed in a network. Also if 1 node has Internet that can be shared among everyone

Rabimba Karanjai
Houston, TX

Rabimba Karanjai is a graduate student studying at Rice University, Houston - Texas. As part of his research at present he is teaching computers to code. He also is a Mozilla TechSpeaker and works with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team to make our reality more interesting and virtual. In another life he has worked with IBM Watson, biometrics and blockchain teams in Almaden Research and TJ Watson Lab. He is passionate about mixed reality, security, privacy and would love to have a chat with you over a cup of coffee or beer
Cohort D

Open African Repository

The aim of this project is to build an open plateform that will be a repository of scientifics and non scientifics knowledges of Africa. This repository will regroup documents (audios, videos, articles) about knowledges of Africa. I first want to inventory all the sources of Africa knowledges (websites, forum, etc... ) before building the plateform that will probably be a web plateform.

Ahinon Sègbédji Justin
Parakou, Bénin

I'm Justin Ahinon. I'm 19 and I'm a student in mathematics statistics and probability in Bénin. I'm passionate about new technologies, computer programming and I love artificial intelligence. I also have a big interest for open access, open science and free access to data. And I try to make these notions known through the Open Science Club parakou that I manage.
Cohort D

Open Stories

Open Stories aims to gather success stories of Open advocates and practitioners to show that a successful Open career is possible. Many researchers view Open as a potential risk and they may not see their fields represented in well-known Open advocates. By collecting Open success stories and making them discoverable by storyteller location, discipline, career level, and language, we can better represent the success stories of open practitioners and encourage other researchers to go Open.

Chealsye Bowley
Boulder, CO, USA

Chealsye is a former Scholarly Communication Librarian and current community manager for an open access publisher. She’s passionate about storytelling and a fan of all things Open.
Cohort D

Open Yeast Engineering Project (OYEP)

Would you drink a GMO beer? What if you brewed it yourself? The open yeast engineering project (OYEP) at BosLab is an open-ended exploration into yeast engineering. We get together, run experiments, do analyses, and engineer yeast strains to produce flavors, fragrances, and small molecules with the hopes of dextinctifying forgotten flavors or using some resultant strains to produce glowing banana flavored chocolate stout and artificial rosé.

Timothy Stiles
Boston, MA, USA

I'm a computer scientist turned synthetic biologist working out of BosLab - Boston's community bio lab. I serve on BosLab's board, lead the open yeast engineering project, and am looking to learn more about web development and online community management.
Cohort D

OpenHeart Project

The OpenHeart Project aims to improve research practices within the field of mechanical circulatory support (MCS) to improve quality of life for heart failure patients. We aim to promote collaboration and standardization through an open-source research platform. Furthermore, we aim to leverage the existing resources and expertise to develop new and improved solutions for MCS. Through development of online curricula and training tools we aim to improve education and training of researcher.

Jo Pauls
Brisbane, Australia

I am a postdoctoral researcher with The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, where I undertake research in the field of mechanical circulatory support. My colleagues and I aim to improve international collaboration and research outcomes within our field of research through open-source research.
Cohort D

We are All Connected - Educational Video Center

The We are All Connected open educational resource site will work to bridge the urban/rural and digital equity divides. This digital media curriculum will foster dialogues among rural/urban youth, address challenges in rural areas, embody social justice/digital equity values & best practices of urban & place-based rural pedagogies. This model of digital media teaching/learning will be sent to the broader Mozilla Hive NYC community, educators/practitioners from New York, Tennessee, among others.

Mary Grueser
New York City

I am the Director of Professional Development Programs for Educational Video Center, a social justice youth media organization in New York City that teaches documentary filmmaking to under resourced youth. In addition to my professional interests in filmmaking, media literacy, curriculum design, youth development, progressive forms of education and technology, I'm also passionate about traveling, music and books.
Cohort B

Emmanuel Garcia
New York, NY

I'm Emmanuel Garcia, a media educator with the Educational Video Center in NYC. I'm interested in the use of media, in particular documentary film, as a means to stimulate critical thinking on social issues.
Cohort B

Whose Data?

Whose Data? aims to help Canadians understand who owns our data and how it can be used. As lines between ‘online life’ & ‘real life’ become increasingly irrelevant, we're realizing how much data is generated by--and about--each of us. This data may be about me, but whose is it, really? What rights over it & its use do I have? Whose Data aims to make it easier for everyday Canadians to know the answers to those questions and participate in related discussions that affect our lives & livelihoods.

Sam Burton

I'm trying to make sense of our connected world and find ways to make it work for humans (instead of the other way around). I'm interested in the blurry boundaries between online and offline life, especially related to identity and health. I live in Toronto and I work at the Mozilla Foundation.
Cohort D


WikiPathways using the same platform as wikipedia, but instead of editing articles, researchers log in to draw pathway diagrams for biomedical research. The project is open source; our content is all CC0; and we have some community-building success stories so far. But we could do better. My goals include learning how to (1) lead this open project better, (2) recruit contributors at all levels, especially other leaders, (3) organize the first Community Summit meeting in late 2018, and more...

Alexander Pico
San Francisco

Working at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. Interested in open science projects for biomedical data visualization, analysis and collaboration software.
Cohort D

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