API Contract TestsΒΆ

These tests are designed to look for changes to the recipe server API that are not expected.

Before running these tests you will need the following installed:

Before running these tests you need to create a virtual environment using Python 3.7.0 or greater. If you have an existing environment running Normandy, you can re-use that environment and skip this step. To create it do the following:

virtualenv -p /path/to/python3.7 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

This creates the virtual environment, activates it, and installs the Python dependencies needed to run the tests.

To run these tests, use the following command from the root project directory.

py.test -v --server=<server> contract-tests/

where <server> is the server you want to test, such as https://stage.normandy.cloudops.mozgcp.net or https://localhost:8000.