Docker Setup for local development

The following describes how to set up an instance of the site on your computer for development using the provided docker and docker-compose files.


This guide assumes you have already installed and set up the following:

  1. Git

  2. Docker

  3. Docker-Compose

These docs assume a Unix-like operating system, although the site should, in theory, run on Windows as well. All the example commands given below are intended to be run in a terminal.


  1. Clone this repository or your fork:

    git clone
    cd normandy
  2. Start the docker images via docker-compose:

    docker-compose -f ci/docker-compose.yml up -d --build

This will build the development dockerfile and start the images for the database as well. If those images aren’t present, they will be downloaded.

You can now edit code and make changes and these changes will exist inside of the running docker container named web using this command:

docker-compose -f ci/docker-compose.yml exec web bash

It is advised to follow steps 6-11 under the Installation section.

You can then navigate to localhost:8000 to check that the Normandy API server has started.