MozCamp Europe 2012



Hashtag #mozcamp

Description MozCamp Europe is a weekend event to appreciate, inform, and rally our core Mozillians (in Europe) to make substantial progress on our yearly goals + objectives.The interactive camp features workshops, sprints and hacking opportunities with clear deliverables at the end of the weekend to be accomplished by attendees. *MozCamp is an invitation-only event*

Venue Fabryka, Warsaw

City Warsaw

Area Europe

Country or Region Poland

Mozilla Reps Talk

Make sure not to miss the Mozilla Reps session which will be led by William and Pierros:


Since its launch in June of 2011, the Mozilla Reps program has mobilised more than 400 core volunteers from the Mozilla project and has empowered them to be official representatives of Mozilla in their region, but also of the region in Mozilla. This talk will first give a bried summary of what's been accomplished so far and then open up a discussion on how we can best leverage the Mozilla Reps program to improve community health and increase Mozilla's contributor base.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals

( The session will focus on Mozilla's goal to grow and strenghten its community of volunteers.

Expected Outcome or Deliverable

Straw man on how to best integrate the Mozilla Reps program across the organization and help team managers leverage the program to increase the number of contributors contributing to their project.

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set

Anyone interested in helping group Mozilla's contributor base - no specific skill-set required.

Equipment Needs

(Video projector already included)**: Flipchart or whiteboard