With the term command, we define any procedure used by rust-code-analysis-cli to extract information from source codes. At each command may be associated parameters depending on the task it needs to carry out. In this page we have grouped the principal types of commands implemented in rust-code-analysis-cli.


Metrics are a series of measures that can be used to:

  • Compare different programming languages
  • Provide information on the quality of a code
  • Tell developers where their code is more tough to handle
  • Discover errors earlier

rust-code-analysis calculates the metrics starting from the source code of a program. These kind of metrics are called static metrics.


To represent the structure of program code, rust-code-analysis-cli builds an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). A node is an element of this tree and denotes any syntactic construct present in a language.

Nodes can be used to:

  • Create the syntactic structure of a source file
  • Discover if a construct of a language is present in the analyzed code
  • Count the number of constructs of a certain kind
  • Detect errors i the source code


rust-code-analysis-cli can be run as a server which accepts requests sent through REST API. The server receives in input the filename of a source code file and returns the relative metrics formatted as a json file.