How to Use The Code of Conduct Assessment Tool


To fully benefit from the potential of this resource we recommend the following steps:

  1. Read, in detail, the Code of Conduct from top to bottom and capture initial reactions. How did it make you feel? Do you see everyone in your community or project represented? Capture your intuitive response, as well as factual ones.
  2. Read this document in its entirety. Did anything jump out about the Code of Conduct you just read based on the criteria here?
  3. Using this marking grid, step through this document and do a detailed analysis.

After completing all steps, based on your marking grid, and notes, results should be organized into one of 3 groups

Acceptable (Green):

This CoC contains all of the required elements and often uses details from the Encouraged examples. It may or may not have items from the Additional Elements.

Needs Improvement (Yellow):

This CoC contains most or all of the required elements with a mix of encouraged and discouraged text. It can move to Acceptable status by updating any missing elements and removing discouraged items. One or two red flags in an otherwise acceptable policy would also fall into this category.

Unacceptable (Red):

This CoC is missing significant required elements and/or contains a number of red flags. It should be rebuilt from scratch rather than updated piecemeal.

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