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Code of Conduct Assessment Tool

This tool was developed by Mozilla, and is a work in progress. We welcome all contributions to this website, and to the assessment material.

Many open source projects now use a code of conduct (“CoC”) to define their standards for community behavior. That said, a majority fail to meet even the most basic requirements to be effective, trusted and real for the lived experiences of people in those communities, and attending those events.

This resource is intended as a mechanism for both generating, and reviewing a Code of Conduct with three specific goals:

  • Does this Code of Conduct fully describe, and set a project or event up for success in enforcement?
  • Does this Code of Conduct effectively signal this project or event as a welcoming and safe space?
  • Does this Code of Conduct provide guidance for building a healthy project or event?

This resource can be leveraged to:

  1. Review your new, or existing Code of Conduct.
  2. Evaluate the Code of Conduct for other projects and/or events.
  3. Better understand the purpose and goals of a Code of Conduct.