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Canceling Subscriptions to Plan

Last updated: June 2024

In order to cancel a plan with active subscriptions, SubPlat engineers will need to collaborate with the SRE and Support teams.

After creating test data, request SRE to run the cancel-subscriptions-to-plan script in fxa-auth-server and for the stdout, stderr, and csv outputs via Wormhole. At this time, the script cancels active subscriptions and refunds Stripe subscriptions only; the refund portion does not work for PayPal subscriptions and Support will need to manually refund them.

The command to run the script is as follows:

node -r esbuild-register scripts/cancel-subscriptions-to-plan.ts -r 10 -p <price_id> --refund
  • <price_id>: the Stripe Price ID of the plan with active subscriptions
  • -r: rate limit

Stripe's rate limit is 10 requests per second on Stage, and 100 requests per second on Prod (but we should use less to allow for other prod traffic)

SRE can add the --dry-run flag to see what will be generated. They may also need to add esbuild-register in the pod before running the script. During the previous sunset process, we attempted to run the command below; however, it failed due to new decorators.

npx tsx scripts/cancel-subscriptions-to-plan.ts -r 10 -p price_1NctsnKb9q6OnNsLRl5HMcCm --refund