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Apache Beam Jobs for Ingestion

This ingestion-beam java module contains our Apache Beam jobs for use in Ingestion. Google Cloud Dataflow is a Google Cloud Platform service that natively runs Apache Beam jobs.

The source code lives in the ingestion-beam subdirectory of the gcp-ingestion repository.

The following are the main Beam classes, please see the respective sections on them in the documentation:

  • Decoder job: A job for normalizing ingestion messages
  • Republisher job: A job for republishing subsets of decoded messages to new destinations

There are a few additional jobs for special cases listed in the index for this section.


Move to the ingestion-beam subdirectory of your gcp-ingestion checkout and run:

./bin/mvn clean compile

See the details below under each job for details on how to run what you've produced.


Before anything else, be sure to download the test data:


Run tests locally with CircleCI Local CLI

(cd .. && circleci build --job ingestion-beam)

To make more targeted test invocations, you can install Java and maven locally or use the bin/mvn executable to run maven in docker:

./bin/mvn clean test

If you wish to just run a single test class or a single test case, try something like this:

# Run all tests in a single class
./bin/mvn test -Dtest=com.mozilla.telemetry.util.SnakeCaseTest

# Run only a single test case
./bin/mvn test -Dtest='com.mozilla.telemetry.util.SnakeCaseTest#testSnakeCaseFormat'

To run the project in a sandbox against production data, see this document on configuring an integration testing workflow.

Code Formatting

Use spotless to automatically reformat code:

mvn spotless:apply

or just check what changes it requires:

mvn spotless:check