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Ingestion Testing Workflow

The ingestion-beam handles data flow of documents from the edge into various sinks. You may be interested in standing up a small testing instance to validate the integration of the various components.

diagrams/workflow.mmd Figure: An overview of the various components necessary to query BigQuery against data from a PubSub subscription.

Setting up the GCS project

Read through whd/gcp-quickstart for details about the sandbox environment that is provided by data operations.

  • Install the Google Cloud SDK
  • Navigate to the Google Cloud Console
  • Create a new project under
  • gcloud config set project <PROJECT>
  • Create a PubSub subscription (see gcp-quickstart/
  • Create a GCS bucket
  • gsutil mb gs://<PROJECT>
  • Enable the Dataflow API
  • Create a service account and store the key locally

Bootstrapping schemas from mozilla-pipeline-schemas

  • Download the latest schemas from mozilla-pipeline-schemas using bin/download-schemas.
  • This script may also inject testing resources into the resulting archive.
  • A schemas.tar.gz will appear at the project root.
  • Copy generated BigQuery schemas using bin/copy-bq-schemas.
  • Schemas will be written to bq-schemas/ with a .bq extension
  • Schemas can be generated directly from JSON Schema using bin/generate-bq-schemas bq-schemas/ ├── ├── ├── ├── ....
  • Update the BigQuery table in the current project using bin/update-bq-table.
  • This may take several minutes. Read the script for usage information.
  • Each namespace will be given its own dataset and each document type its own table.
  • Verify that tables have been updated by viewing the BigQuery console.
  • Download a copy of sampled documents using bin/download-document-sample
  • Upload this to your project's data bucket e.g. gs://$PROJECT/data/

Building the project

Follow the instructions of the project readme. Here is a quick-reference for a running a job from a set of files in GCS.

# this must be an absolute path
PROJECT=$(gcloud config get-value project)


# use local maven instead of the docker container in bin/mvn, otherwise make sure to mount
# credentials into the proper location in the container
mvn compile exec:java -Dexec.args="\
    --runner=Dataflow \
    --project=$PROJECT \
    --autoscalingAlgorithm=NONE \
    --workerMachineType=n1-standard-1 \
    --numWorkers=1 \
    --gcpTempLocation=$BUCKET/tmp \
    --inputFileFormat=json \
    --inputType=file \
    --outputType=bigquery \
    --output=$PROJECT:test_ingestion.\${document_namespace}__\${document_type}_v\${document_version} \
    --bqWriteMethod=file_loads \
    --tempLocation=$BUCKET/temp/bq-loads \
    --errorOutputType=file \
    --errorOutput=$BUCKET/error/ \