Module glean_core::metrics

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The different metric types supported by the Glean SDK to handle data.


A boolean metric.
A counter metric.
A custom distribution metric.
Representation of a date, time and timezone.
A datetime metric.
A Denominator metric (a kind of count shared among Rate metrics).
A snapshot of all buckets and the accumulated sum of a distribution.
An event metric.
A labeled metric.
A memory distribution metric.
Developer-facing API for recording rate metrics with external denominators.
An object metric.
Stores information about a ping.
A quantity metric.
A rate value as given by its numerator and denominator.
A rate metric.
Represents the recorded data for a single event.
Deserialized experiment data.
Represents a list of metrics and an associated boolean property indicating if the metric is enabledfrom the remote-settings configuration store. The expected format of this data is stringified JSON in the following format:
A string list metric.
A string metric.
A text metric.
Identifier for a running timer.
A timespan metric.
A timing distribution metric.
A URL metric.
An UUID metric.


Different kinds of histograms.
Represents any valid JSON value.
Different resolutions supported by the memory related metric types (e.g. MemoryDistributionMetric).
The available metrics.
Different resolutions supported by the time related metric types (e.g. DatetimeMetric).


A MetricType describes common behavior across all metrics.

Type Definitions

A labeled boolean.
A labeled counter.
A labeled string.