Round 2

Mentorship Program - Fall 2016

August 22 - November 7

12 week online mentorship program on Working Open for Mozilla community members

Testing the Open Leadership Training Series + one on one mentorship

This program is designed to connect open leaders and increase collaboration and contributorship on open projects in our network. This will serve as a generalized way to test a shared onboarding experience across our communities, increase collaboration among programs and strengthen bonds within our network.

Who is this for?

Community members starting up or currently leading open projects within any Mozilla program (Science, Learning, Advocacy, IoT, Women & Web Literacy, Participation +more).

Commitment: ~3h / week

See the full list of participants in our Fall 2016 round.

What will you learn?

The Open Leadership Training Series (OLTS) is designed to teach you best practices in “working open” – a way of working in which

  • a community of people collaborate to make or build something amazing,
  • and any product or knowledge that the community of collaborators creates is shared widely and freely with the public on the world wide web.

The 1:1 mentorship will provide additional support as you apply what you’ve learned to your specific project community.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are Mozilla staff and community members who have completed Open Leadership training and mentorship in the past. They all have experience running open projects, facilitating events and building communities. They’ve demonstrated an understanding of working openly and collaboratively on projects.

See the list of mentors for our Fall 2016 round.

What will it looks like?

  • Meetings
    • 1h / week - office hours run by Mozilla staff with the entire cohort. We’ll introduce the next module and go over any discussion questions from assignments.
    • 30min / 2 weeks - 1:1 mentorship meetings every two weeks with your mentor. Additional topic experts may join from time to time as needed.
  • Homework
    • 1-2h / week - complete that week’s assignment from the OLTS


As a cohort, we’ll meet every Monday at 12ET. See the meeting in your TimeZone.

week Module Mentorship
August 22 Introduction to Open Leadership 12 Week Goal Setting Exercise.
August 29 Opening Your Project - Open Canvas, README  
September 5 Opening Your Project - Roadmap, Building Communities of Contributors - Visualize your Network, Personas & Pathways Review Goals & Progress. Bring in topic expert if needed
September 12 Building Communities of Contributors - Distributed Leadership, Code of Conduct & Contributor Guidelines  
September 19 Get Your Project Online – Getting Started with GitHub Review Goals & Progress. Bring in topic expert if needed
September 26 GitHub for Collaboration  
October 3 Open Communications Review Goals & Progress. Bring in topic expert if needed
October 10 Running Awesome Community Events - Designing an Open Event, Event Planning & Facilitation  
October 17 Running Awesome Community Events - Event Follow-up, Documentation & Reporting Review Goals & Progress. Bring in topic expert if needed
October 24 Open Project Maintenance  
October 28-30 MozFest Meet in person at MozFest! \o/
November 7 Open Leadership Outro and Next Steps Celebrate & Debrief

Code of Conduct

Please note that we will be following the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines


Abigail Cabunoc Mayes (@acabunoc)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

code, science, open source and prototyping @mozilla (web + science = ) alum:@OICR_news @wormbase @uwaterloo

Achintya Rao (@RaoOfPhysics)

Geneva, Switzerland

Science communicator at CERN and PhD student in scicomm at UWE Bristol. Interested in open practices across all stages of research.

Amel Ghouila (@AmelGH)

Tunis, Tunisia or somewhere in Africa :-)

Bioinformatician @Institut Pasteur de Tunis/H3ABionet

Anna Krystalli (@annakrystalli)

Sheffield, UK

Freelance post doc in computational ecology. specialising in Research data management & software development.

Bastian Greshake (@gedankenstuecke)

Frankfurt, Germany

PhD student in applied bioinformatics & co-founder of

Brian Bot (@brian-bot)

Seattle, WA

Principal Scientist (computational oncology) & Community Manager (mobile and technology platforms) / open science advocate

Joey Lee (@joeyklee)

Stuttgart, Germany (starting: 2016-10)

Just a dude / geography + designy ““weird internet things”” / MSL fellow + soon to be @moovellab

Kirstie Whitaker (@KirstieJane)

Cambridge, UK

Postdoc in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge studying adolescent brain development. Passionate advocate for reproducible research and improving diversity in STEMM fields. In her spare time she hangs out with her dog in the Lake District.

Madeleine Bonsma (@mbonsma)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PhD student in physics @ University of Toronto studying CRISPR systems, UofT Scientific Coders president :)

Richard Smith-Unna (@blahah)

Nairobi, Kenya

Reformed computational plant biologist, unreformed hacker. @mozillascience fellow. Team @thecontentmine & @biojl_ & @solvers_IO. FathomLabs cofounder.

Robert Sullivan (@robsullivan)

London, UK

Developer into science, transport and APIs

Tim Head (@betatim)

Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific brain for hire. Used to work at CERN, now a technical consultant and open-source creator.


Alan Mooiman (@alanmoo)

Portland, ME

Front end engineer at Mozilla Foundation, formerly E*Trade. Bubble tea connoisseur. New to Portland, ME after a year of nomadism.

Expertise: CSS and responsive web development

Ali Swanson (@aliburchard)

London, UK

Ecologist based with the Zooniverse citizen science platform at the University of Oxford.

Expertise: citizen science

Anelda van der Walt (@anelda)

South Africa

eResearch Consultant & Trainer with background in Bioinformatics

Expertise: Building communities, genomics, running facilitated MOOCs as part of study groups, study groups, running Software/Data Carpentry events, digital humanities

Aurelia Moser (@auremoser)

New York, USA

Aurelia makes open source maps and web visualizations. You can check out her bl.ocks for examples. She also teaches these things occasionally and works on the following projects: @MozillaScience @gdinyc @tbiam_NYC @stereosemantics @subjective_C

Expertise: maps, FOSS, html/css, js/node, github, event stuff/organization

Christopher De Cairos (@cadecairos)

Toronto, Canada

AKA cade - Dad, Mozilla Foundation DevOps Engineer, Hobbyist RC Helicopter Pilot

Expertise: GitHub/git, JS (server side), Ops

Christopher Kittel (@chreman)

systems science, environmental economics, text&data mining

Expertise: Text Mining, Machine Learning, Visualizations

Demitri Muna (@demitri)

New York, USA

Astronomer, data scientist, educator, and indiepop fan.

Expertise: Databases, web applications, Python, Flask, C, APIs, user interfaces, Mac/iOS

Fatma Guerfali (@FatmaZG)

Tunis, Tunisia

Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Expertise: Parasitology, molecular biology, Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatics

Harry Smith (@Zebetus)


Student at Lancaster University studying Natural Sciences specializing in Maths and Physics

Expertise: Well science wise Physics and Mathematics, I also work on organising events and how to approach starting things like charity campaigns or schemes.

Hugo Day (@Tontonis)

Geneva, Switzerland

Hugo Day (UK) is a applied physicist at CERN, working on fast pulsed electromagnets

Expertise: Physics, Data Visulation, Big Data, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry

Igor Babuschkin (@IgorBabkin)

Geneva, Switzerland

I’m a particle physics PhD student working with the LHCb experiment at CERN.

Expertise: web development, data science/machine learning, setting up automated tests (Travis, Jenkins, …), setting up documentation (e.g on Github pages), physics

Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog)

Berlin, Germany

Palaeontologist into crocodiles and dinosaurs. Cares about equality in science. Science writer/blogger. Author of kids book Excavate Dinosaurs!

Expertise: Dinosaurs.

Luke Johnston (@lwjohnst86)

Toronto, Canada

PhD student at University of Toronto. #rstats user

Expertise: epidemiology, statistics, R, Git, Bash

Natalie Worth (@natalieworth)

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Designer working on Advocacy with the Mozilla Foundation.

Expertise: Visual design

Oliver Sauter (@oliversauter)

Berlin, Germany

Founder of WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet with Science.

Expertise: Information technology, Media & Science, Science Communication, give me a problem, I give you creative ideas

Patricia Herterich (@pherterich)

Birmingham, UK

I’m a PhD candidate at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science. Since 2012 I have worked at CERN’s Scientific Information Service providing services and platforms for the sharing of data and code. With a ““classical librarian”” background, my focus is usually on metadata and documentation that needs to be provided when sharing data or code.

Expertise: communication/outreach, research data management [I can’t help with anything that involves coding]

Peter Grabitz (@petergrabitz)

Berlin, Germany

Medical student from Berlin. Former Associate Technical Officer @WHOatEU. Access to knowledge & medicines.

Expertise: Access to medicines/ Open (health) data

Pomax (Michiel) Kamermans (@Pomax)

Vancouver, Canada

I run and work for Mozilla. I also work on Processing.js and other open source projects. Apparently I like math? This bio is too short!

Expertise: JS/React, css/html, using git on our projects, battling cross-platformness (yay Windows!)

Zannah Marsh (@zee-moz)

Gainesville, FL, USA

I live in Gainesville, FL where I work as a learning strategist for the Mozilla Science Lab. I also ride bikes, write and draw comics, drink tea, and do everything in my power to keep my houseplants alive.

Expertise: Strategy and design for learning experiences; content development and curriculum creation; design of interactive technologies and experiences for museums and cultural centeres.


Read more about the Open Project Leads joining us in this mentorship program

Akshay Roongta (@clownbigmole)

Helsinki, Finland

I am a design researcher, and have worked in the areas of renewable energy, sanitation and hygiene amongst others. One of my most challenging and rewarding projects was working as a designer and interim project manager for the multi-stakeholder Bill & Melinda Gates Project — Project Sammaan — on sanitation, during my time at Quicksand Design Studio. I also co-founded amrutdhara, a social enterprise in the urban drinking water space. I am currently working on systems for involving grassroots workers in development planning using ICT and researching how organisations working in development planning build and share knowledge. I’m also very interested in big data, privacy and what the future holds for us with hyper-connectivity.

Alex Wafula (@xelawafs)

Nairobi, Kenya

I live and work in Nairobi. My main role at work is integrating and scaling systems (web mostly). Being at a small startup though, I’ve had to take on extra responsibilities around preparing and maintaining staging and production environments; I’m now DevOps. I have a particular interest and to a varying extent expertise in community building, product development and web and operations development.

Alissa Nedossekina (@snowwitje)

West Lafayette, IN, USA

Alissa Nedossekina is a User Experience Architect at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA. Since 2006 Alissa has been a senior web developer of HUBzero project - a popular open source platform for scientific collaboration developed at Purdue. She now drives UX for the new HUBzero-based medical device informatics platform, contributing expertise in user-centered design and a passion for transforming overwhelming complexity into clarity.

Anderson (@anderson29)

Detroit, United States

I am Jack of all Trades Community Technologist. My work is in Detroit with Detroit Community Technology Project. I work with linux app servers, facilitating Community WiFi networks and much more. I love playing music, robots, gaming and troubleshooting anything with or without wires!

Berhan Taye Gemeda (@Btayeg)

Nairobi, Kenya & Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I’m currently based in Addis but soon moving to Nairobi as part of the Mozilla Open Web Fellow. I will be working on Internet freedom in East Africa. My expertise is in advocacy public policy, legislative lobbying, land reform issues in East and Southern Africa, and peace and security.

Bonface Ochieng (@TheBonface)

Kisumu, Kenya

I live in kisumu western part of Kenya, I partly volunteer as village code project manager at Lakehub in the developers relation department , clearing bachelors of science in IT at KCA university in August 2016 , co-founder of #code90 boot camp ,web for schools project , a 2016 alumni Technovation coach and a social entrepreneur for more info:

Christos Bacharakis (@bacharakis)

Thessaloniki, Greece

Hi I am Christos and I am part of open source communities for the last 10 years. I love photography, basketball and making stuff in the local hackerspace.

David Ross (@bunnybooboo)

London, United Kingdom

Originally hailing from a banana farm in Australia, I now live in London where I’ve lived half my life. After qualifying as a personal trainer, I’m now developing a fitness platform, committed full time, and recently discovered a great talent I hope to encourage to be my co-founder. Still growing as a programmer, matching that with over a decade of management experience, and an active community builder.

Dennis Ndegwa (@denomain)

Nairobi, Kenya

Hi. My name is Dennis from Nairobi, Kenya. I have been a Mozillian for a while now always trying to get involved in some of the awesome projects. Currently, I have been getting my hands dirty while participating in the Digital Skills Observatory (DSO) project. I have learned so much and hope to extend my skills and knowledge base while participating in this Open Project Leadership program. Onward!

Dorine Flies (@epikhub)

Canterbury Kent UK

An interest in Sociology and Anthropology within an open source and computer gaming context; a participation research blend that explores the digital, through play, as mechanisms that builds resilience to adversity.

Edoardo Viola (@edovio)

Cagliari, Italy

I Live at Cagliari. At the moment I work in a little Biotech Corporate where I am been nominated Maintenance Manager and Technical Assistance Manager, and, moreover, Student at the University of Cagliari on the faculty of Science in Department of Information Technologies. I miss only 1 Exam to take the first level degree in Computer Science. My interests are in ICT, Electronic and Music (Yes, in my past done various Gigs how Singer and Guitarist and done some Italian and International Festivals). My expertise is oriented on management, electronic, ICT and Project Management.

Faith Zuma (@zuma1)

Mombasa, Kenya

My name’s faith. l live in Mombasa, Kenya. l am currently a volunteer at Mombasa tech and Mozillan. I am IT support by profession and a good researcher who’s passionate about finding more information on evolution of technology. I love to bring my community together — whether it’s through teaching new ideas or just getting together to talk about projects in by community events.

Faye Tandog (@fayetandog)

Antipolo City, Philippines

I’m a Mozilla Rep from the Philippines who is an industrial engineer by degree but recently left the manufacturing industry, moving to an entirely different one in search for an open, collaborative environment. In line with that, I am interested to explore how to incorporate the concept of open into such established traditional industry. I am passionate about technology and mobilizing volunteers into action, especially young people. I love organizing/ facilitating campaigns and events to raise awareness and allow people to develop their potential.

Kristyn Sonnenberg (@skristyn)

Detroit, United States

I am a user experience designer (and learning developer) in Detroit Michigan. I work with the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP) and engage in the work of community-building in order to keep the creation and governance of tech within neighborhoods and cities. I am interested in building shared artifacts through participatory design practice, and I often prefer to refer to myself as a design facilitator rather than a solitary designer.

Martin Skelly (@mskell)

Edinburgh / Dundee, Scotland

I’m a lecturer in Product Design at the University of Dundee, I’m collaborating with Mozilla Foundation as a researcher on the Open Internet of Things (IoT) Studio project, and I make my own research prototypes at Skelly Studio.

I use design and digital technologies to prototype new experiences, interactions and products for brands, design agencies and universities.

I’m fascinated by the potential that our connected digital lives offers for creating new experiences and the questions this opens up around privacy, control and happiness. I create data driven products, and design meaningful experiences that link our physical world with our digital world.

Max Franz (@maxkfranz)

Toronto, Canada

Max is designs and builds biological research apps at the University of Toronto. He has experience in user interface design and software engineering.

Minn Soe (@MinnSoe)

London, United Kingdom

King’s College London alumnus. I was a software engineer at CERN where I focused on improving open access and related web services. As a hobby, I’ve been working on computer aided machining and other assorted robots.

Sean Carroll (@seanfcarroll)

Geneva, Switzerland

Lead developer on Interested on open source, web development, infrastructure and now machine learning.

Sharada Prasanna Mohanty (@spMohanty)

Geneva, Switzerland

S.P. Mohanty is a PhD Student at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne   associated with School of Life Sciences and School of Computer and Communications. His research revolves around rethinking many classical problems and approaches in computer science while keeping open problems in Life Sciences in mind. As an open source enthusiast, he has been involved with Google Summer of Code since 2012, as a student, mentor and as an org-admin for a humanitarian open source organisation called as Sigmah. During a stint at CERN, he was involved in running the CERN Public Computing Challenge with the Theoretical Physics Department, CERN and Citizen Cyberscience Center, IT Department, CERN. Over the years, he also helped organised the CERN Webfest, an annual hackathon at CERN in collaboration with Mozilla Science Labs and Citizen Cyberscience Center, IT Department CERN. During another stint at UNOSAT, he was the lead developer for GeoTag-X, an opensource crowdsourcing platform for Humanitarian Data Analysis. And finally, a tinkerer at heart, he religiously attends all hackathons he can, spending sleepless weekends building 3D games to teach kids particle physics, to digital harnesses to help demining dogs be more efficient and safe during demining operations.

Shwetal Shah (@shwetal27)

London, United Kingdom

Junior consultant at a group of 3 IT companies in London (OSSCube- system integration, One point IQ- Big Data Analytics, One point consulting- IT consulting and Entreprise Architecture services).

Whilst acquiring a Masters of Science in International Marketing, volunteered with the Scottish Youth Parliament giving talks on Scottish Policies to young children and organized TEDx at university, after moving to London actively participated in and organized hackathons, Mozilla Science Fest and 3 Day Startup and now organizes monthly science talks at Explore-Science!

Siddharth Rao (@sidtechnical)

Brussels, Belgium

Sid is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enthusiast and a privacy fanatic who specializes in the security analysis of communication protocols. He is also passionate about Internet services and infrastructure in developing nations. Sid co-founded the social venture ThirdEye, which builds affordable e-­readers for visually-challenged people. He is a past Erasmus Mundus fellow and holds double master’s degrees from Aalto University, Finland (Information and Network Security) and University of Tartu, Estonia (Cryptography). As an Open Web Fellow, Sid will be based at European Digital Rights (EDRi), where he will help define policies related to data protection, surveillance, copyright, and network neutrality.

Winnie Makokha (@WinnieMakokha)

Nairobi, Kenya

I live in Nairobi, Kenya but occasionally spend my time in Kisumu in Kenya as well. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science on Occupational Health and Safety. I am a Public health and Technology enthusiast. I describe myself as a budding researcher and scientist. I am also a feminist:-)”

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