Audit Entries

This section defines the semantics of the various keys that may be specified in audit table entries.


Specifies that this audit entry corresponds to an absolute version that was audited for the relevant criteria in its entirety.


Specifies that this audit entry certifies that the delta between two absolute versions preserves the relevant criteria. Deltas can go both forward and backward in the version sequence.

The syntax is version_a -> version_b, where the diff between version_a and version_b was audited.

Note that it's not always possible to conclude that a diff preserves certain properties without also inspecting some portion of the base version. The standard here is that the properties are actually preserved, not merely that that the diff doesn't obviously violate them. It is the responsibility of the auditor to acquire sufficient context to certify the former.


Specifies that the given versions do not meet the associated criteria. Because a range of versions is usually required, this field uses Cargo's standard VersionReq syntax.

If a violation entry exists for a given crate version, cargo vet will reject the dependency even if it's listed in the exemptions table.


Specifies the relevant criteria for this audit. This field is required.


A string identifying the auditor. When invoking cargo vet certify, the value is auto-populated from the git config.

This field is optional, but encouraged for two reasons:

  • It makes it easier to attribute audits at a glance, particularly for remotely-hosted audit files.
  • It emphasizes to the author that they are signing off on having performed the audit.


An optional free-form string containing any information the auditor may wish to record.