Breaking changes in application-services code

Application-services components are consumed by multiple consumers including Firefox Android, Firefox iOS, Focus Android, and Focus iOS. To minimize the disruption to those projects when making breaking API changes, we follow a simple rule: Have approved PRs ready to land that fix the breakage in the other repos before merging the PR into application-services.

This means writing code for the firefox-android and firefox-ios repositories that resolves any breaking changes, creating a PR in those repositories, and waiting for it to be approved.

You can test this code locally using the autopublish flow (Android, iOS) and use the branch build system to run CI tests.


Do not merge any PRs until all are approved. Once they are all approved then:

  • Merge the application-services PR into main
  • Manually trigger a new nightly build using the taskcluster hook:
  • Once the nightly task completes, trigger a new rust-components-swift build using the github action:
  • Update the firefox-android and firefox-ios PRs to use the newly built nightly:
  • Ideally, get the PRs merged before the firefox-android/firefox-ios nightly bump the next day. If you don't get these merged, then the nightly bump PR will fail. Add a link to your PR in the nightly bump PR so the mobile teams know how to fix this.