The Glean JavaScript SDK accepts a plugin array as an initialization parameter.

import Glean from "@mozilla/glean/webext"
// This is not a real available plugin,
// it is a hypothetical one for illustration purposes.
import HypotheticalPlugin from "@mozilla/glean/plugins/hypothetical"

    plugins: [
      new HypotheticalPlugin("with", "hypothetical", "arguments")

Plugins attach to specific internal events on the SDK and can modify its behavior.

A big advantage of plugins is that they can address very specific use cases of Glean without bloating the final size of the SDK or overloading Glean's configuration object.

On writing your own plugins

It is not currently possible for users to write their own plugins, as this feature is still in its infancy.

Available plugins


The PingEncryptionPlugin encrypts the pings payloads before pings are sent.