YAML Registry Format

User defined Glean pings and metrics are declared in YAML files, which must be parsed by glean_parser to generate public APIs for said metrics and pings.

These files also serve the purpose of documenting metrics and pings. They are consumed by the probe-scraper tool, which generates a REST API to access metrics and pings information consumed by most other tools in the Glean ecosystem, such as GLAM and the Glean Dictionary.

Moreover, for products that do not wish to use the Glean Dictionary as their metrics and pings documentation source, glean_parser provides an option to generate Markdown documentation for metrics and pings based on these files. For more information of that, refer to the help output of the translate command, by running in your terminal:

$ glean_parser translate --help

metrics.yaml file

For a full reference on the metrics.yaml format, refer to the Metrics YAML Registry Format page.

pings.yaml file

For a full reference on the pings.yaml format, refer to the Pings YAML Registry Format page.

tags.yaml file

For a full reference on the tags.yaml format, refer to the Tags YAML Registry Format page.