The deletion-request ping


This ping is submitted when a user opts out of sending technical and interaction data.

This ping contains the client id.

This ping is intended to communicate to the Data Pipeline that the user wishes to have their reported Telemetry data deleted. As such it attempts to send itself at the moment the user opts out of data collection, and continues to try and send itself.

Adding secondary ids

It is possible to send secondary ids in the deletion request ping. For instance, if the application is migrating from legacy telemetry to Glean, the legacy client ids can be added to the deletion request ping by creating a metrics.yaml entry for the id to be added with a send_in_pings value of deletion_request.

An example metrics.yaml entry might look like this:

   type: uuid
     A UUID uniquely identifying the legacy client.
     - deletion_request

Platform availability

SDKKotlinSwiftPythonRustJavaScriptFirefox Desktop
deletion-request ping


The deletion-request ping is automatically submitted when upload is disabled in Glean. If upload fails, it is retried after Glean is initialized.


The deletion-request does not contain additional metrics aside from secondary ids that have been added.

Example deletion-request ping

  "ping_info": {
    "seq": 0,
    "start_time": "2019-12-06T09:50-04:00",
    "end_time": "2019-12-06T09:53-04:00"
  "client_info": {
    "telemetry_sdk_build": "22.0.0",
    "first_run_date": "2019-03-29-04:00",
    "os": "Android",
    "android_sdk_version": "28",
    "os_version": "9",
    "device_manufacturer": "Google",
    "device_model": "Android SDK built for x86",
    "architecture": "x86",
    "app_build": "1",
    "app_display_version": "1.0",
    "client_id": "35dab852-74db-43f4-8aa0-88884211e545"
  "metrics": {
    "uuid": {
      "legacy_client_id": "5faffa6d-6147-4d22-a93e-c1dbd6e06171"