Custom pings

Applications can define metrics that are sent in custom pings. Unlike the built-in pings, custom pings are sent explicitly by the application.

This is useful when the scheduling of the built-in pings (metrics, baseline and events) are not appropriate for your data. Since the timing of the submission of custom pings is handled by the application, the measurement window is under the application's control.

This is especially useful when metrics need to be tightly related to one another, for example when you need to measure the distribution of frame paint times when a particular rendering backend is in use. If these metrics were in different pings, with different measurement windows, it is much harder to do that kind of reasoning with much certainty.

Defining a custom ping

Custom pings must be defined in a pings.yaml file, placed in the same directory alongside your app's metrics.yaml file.

For example, to define a custom ping called search specifically for search information:

$schema: moz://

  description: >
    A ping to record search data.
  include_client_id: false

Refer to the pings YAML registry format for a full reference on the pings.yaml file structure.

Sending metrics in a custom ping

To send a metric on a custom ping, you add the custom ping's name to the send_in_pings parameter in the metrics.yaml file.

Ping metadata must be loaded before sending!

After defining a custom ping, before it can be used for sending data, its metadata must be loaded into your application or library.

For example, to define a new metric to record the default search engine, which is sent in a custom ping called search, put search in the send_in_pings parameter. Note that it is an error to specify a ping in send_in_pings that does not also have an entry in pings.yaml.

    type: string
    description: >
      The name of the default search engine.
      - search

If this metric should also be sent in the default ping for the given metric type, you can add the special value default to send_in_pings:

      - search
      - default