Debugging Python applications using the Glean SDK

Glean provides a couple of configuration flags to assist with debugging Python applications.

Tagging pings

The Glean.configuration.ping_tag property can be used to add a special flag to the HTTP header so that the ping will end up in the Glean Debug View.

You can set it after Glean.initialize is called:

from Glean import Glean, Configuration

# ...

Glean.configuration.ping_tag = "my-ping-tag"

After doing so, something like pings.custom_ping.submit() will send the custom ping to the Glean Debug View.

Logging pings

If the Glean.configuration.log_pings property is set to True, pings are logged to the console on DEBUG level whenever they are submitted. You can set this property in a similar way as the ping_tag property above.

Make sure that when you configure logging in your application, you set the level for the glean logger to DEBUG or higher. Otherwise pings won't be logged even if log_pings is set to True.

You can set the logging level for Glean to DEBUG as follows:

import logging


See the Python logging documentation for more information.